Digital Journalism

COM466 – University of Washington

Week 9 – Wednesday

Lab Session with Kristina Bowman for video. Due dates >>

  • Today: By 8 am 27 May: blog post with (a) one to two paragraphs with a succinct summary of the story and explanation your goals; note any reporting challenges and (b) one to two paragraphs explaining how well you met your goals, what you learned doing this project, and what you would do differently if you had a chance to redo this assignment.
  • Today: On 27 May, final cut (class is lab). You must incorporate feedback from the script review.
  • Friday: Upload the final cut to YouTube and link in your blog post NLT Friday 29 May at 8am; also create a post on this blog and include both the rough (if you did one) and final cuts [just like the audio assignment – copy&paste the post from your blog to this blog and categorize “student projects”]
  • Friday: Follow Friday
  • Monday: Five new follows, five new tweets (remember #com466 – check one another here)

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  1. […] reminder (from week 9 overview and 27 May post) All videos should be posted to this blog with the YouTube clip playable (embedded). The blog post […]

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