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Duncan’s Glorious Summer

Andrew’s Individual Video Project

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Paul’s Final Individual Project: – Crowdfunded Journalism

My story is about, a non-profit enterprise that sponsors journalistic investigation in the bay area using crowdfunding. Crowd funding is one of the many new ways Journalists are exploring to keep Journalism alive and maintain a living.

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Working with Twitter– Reisha’s Final Video Project

Here is my final video project. I interviewed David Yusen, director of Public Relations for Heavy Resturaunt Group– the umbrella company of Barrio and Purple Wine Bar and Cafe. We talked about his Twitter use at work. In the video, he speaks about how the program has been useful in marketing Barrio, as it is the companies most recent concept. Read the rest of this entry »

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Scott’s final individual video: Bouldering Squamish

I had very high expectations leading into my video project.  I’ve produced quite a few over the years and really wanted to combine my new knowledge of composition and the value of natural sound with my editing experience.  I was planning to shoot a ton of footage of  a camping/climbing trip throughout the entire weekend.  However, technological problems quickly forced me to improvise.  While filming on the car ride on day one, I discovered that the flip camera was almost out of battery power.  Before leaving I was sure to insert the device into a USB drive to charge it (or so I thought).  With the video camera dead I turned to the still camera that I had brought along, which promptly ran low on battery power as well.  I ended up having to improvise a new plan utilizing the little power remaining in both devices and recording audio interviews back home. Rather than an epic documentary of the weekend, I had to focus on one climber’s “project” that had been denying him for years.  I wasn’t able to shoot much of a variety of photos because there was so little power remaining.

Needless to say, it was very frustrating not being able to shoot a fraction of the video or photos that I had intended.  Although I didn’t do the project as planned, I think I did a great job of improvising in the field.   I was very careful to charge and experiment with both the video and still cameras before taking them out of the lab and yet I still had problems.  After returning from the trip, I discovered that the flip cameras aren’t charged by an internal battery but two AA’s. In the future, I would try to use my own equipment.  I’ve had difficulties using borrowed items and I realize how much smoother everything would be if I had a personal camera with which I was familiar.

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Adam Eucker’s Final Individual Project

For my final individual project, I did a story on Casey Heffernan, a student at the UW who volunteered as a translator in Ecuador. There he worked with a team of doctors, nurses and other translators performing free and living saving surgeries for children.

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Student Reflections on Twitter

The assignment: Students will use Twitter as news gathering, monitoring tool throughout the quarter. Includes final 600-800 word essay on Twitter experience. What did you learn? What do you think of the future of Twitter as a tool for journalists? For citizens? For news organizations? Give evidence for your opinion. Post to your course blog.

Here are those posts:

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Michelle Vu

For my Final Video Project, I interviewed Lydia Kye, a prospective COMM student. The interview consisted of questions relating to her possible careers within the realms of the Communications discipline and so forth.

I worked with Windows Movie Maker to complete my project. The photos taken are by me and simply that — me. My goal of the project was to make it organic and have a relating factor to the audience. My thought was that a Communications student relates to my target audience, in addition to our natural conversation. Overall, although Kye is slightly hesitant for the future; like most in generation Y, we want to adapt and proceed with fervor.

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Final individual project: Magical Heroine video

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Here’s everyone’s video. Reminder: give one another feedback!

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  2. Andrew (comment being held for moderation)
  3. Gwen (not posted)
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  5. Michelle (not posted)
  6. Paul (commented)
  7. Reisha (commented)
  8. Ryan (commented)
  9. Sarah (commented)
  10. Scott (not embedded; linked here)

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Jeff’s Story: Student-Created Program Helps Ease Registration Pain

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