Digital Journalism

COM466 – University of Washington

Schedule – Spring 2011

COM466 meets M/W, 4.30-6.50, CMU304

** schedule subject to change **
** specifically, we may substitute SEO and blog writing for video **

Week 1: Introduction and Framing – One-Way Journalism, Meet Social Media

Subtitle: Getting Past The Doom And Gloom

Who are we and why are we in this class? What is journalism? How do we characterize journalism today? News and journalism are changing due to technology, economics and reader/producer role changes. What types of news forms are emerging in today’s social digital environment? What does the future of journalism look like?

Week 2: One-Way Journalism, Meet MultiMedia and Community

Subtitle: Picking The Medium That Best Tells The Story

How do we “tell a story” in hyperspace? What multimedia tools are at our disposal? And what, exactly, is a news story? (Writing for Mass Media 101)

Week 3: Text, Meet Audio

Subtitle: Create Compelling Audio Stories

How does the spoken word differ from the written word? Introduction to audio gathering and editing. Thoughts on ethics.

Week 4: Text, Meet Audio

Subtitle: Create Compelling Audio Stories

What makes an effective oral story?

Week 5: Text, Meet Still Images

Subtitle: Create Compelling (and ethical) Digital Images

Photojournalism: Composition, rule of thirds, basic photojournalim ethics.

Week 6: The Click-Through Dream Machine

Subtitle: Photo Galleries: The Good and The Ugly

What’s the difference between silent and narrated photogalleries? What about background music? And how to use Soundslides.

Week 7: The Click-Through Dream Machine

Subtitle: Photo Galleries + Sound

How does photojournalism differ online when compared with print (magazines, newspapers, tabloids)?

Week 8: Moving Images and Sound

Subtitle: Telling Stories With Inexpensive Video Tools

The differences between “television” journalism and online video news; the five-shot method.

Week 9: Managing Your Digital Brand

Subtitle: Brand You

Whether your goal is to be a journalist or another form of communicator, you should be proactive about managing “Brand You.”

Week 10: Wrap-Up

Subtitle: Where Do We Go From Here?

5 Responses

  1. Sommer says:

    Group Members:

    Preet Kaur
    Sommer Fuhs

    Want To Live To 100? Try To Bounce Back From Stress

    We liked that they took the interview somewhere unexpected. Flowed really well. Interesting. Good ambient sound.

  2. salo9979 says:

    We like this story because it’s a good example of interviewing. It uses pretty good quotes, and interesting (and sometimes funny!) sound effects.

  3. sespanol says:

    Sarah and Marci

    Good picture – Shane – Cuba image

    The picture uses principles of thirds to draw your eye to the vertical lines of the fence and the horizontal word Cuba. After we reviewed the article, the fence is a silent metaphor for keeping Americans out of tourists.

  4. Sabin S Nair says:

    i lik dis…….. digital journalism

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