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Heat Outage During Coldest Spells Of Winter: Hear One Man’s Story

There was a heat outage in a Seattle apartment building during the two coldest spells of the winter season of 2010 -2011. There was a non-compliant management team that left people to freeze. Here is one man’s experience.

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The Road Less Traveled

William teaches English as a second language out of The Burke café at the University of Washington.The road less traveled is William’s self reflection on his job. William’s words resonate because they tie into Man’s search for meaning in a world that however small is still infinitely vast. It is in this search for meaning that each one of us can relate to William’s story and realize that that road less traveled may not be as lonely as it is made out to be.

Download the MP3 story “The Road Less Traveled” [2.20/2.15MB]

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Fantastic Mr. Gyros

Called the “Best Gyros Slingers” by the Seattle Weekly, brothers Johnny and Sammy Arsheed own Mr. Gyros restaurants in Greenwood and Ballard. The following short interview explores the beginnings of their success and reveals the unusual first job that Johnny credits with teaching them the friendliness that they are known for.

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Emotional Tolls Of Firefighting

Everyone knows that firefighting is a dangerous profession, but there are risks and costs that people don’t consider. I interviewed Captain Darmody and discussed some of his experiences, good and bad, in his career in the fire service.

This story  focuses on the human side, namely the firefighter human side, of the fire service. Firefighters respond to things, and have to deal with issues, that the public doesn’t realize. This story looks at one person’s thoughts, feelings, and reactions to a 30 career doing the job.

Download the MP3 Audio Story Emotional tolls of Firefighting [10.95MB, 2:10]

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Fat Kids in America

One of the healthcare issues our nation is currently facing is childhood obesity.  We call it an epidemic in this country and it continues to grow.  The following audio story contains two different perspectives; one from a parent with an obese child and the other from a physician with medical background on the issue.

Download the MP3 audio story, Childhood Obesity  [2.25 MB, 2:27]

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Roxhill Elementary To Host Silent Auction With Seattle Sounder Taylor Graham

Without a wealthy network of families to rely on, Roxhill Elementary School was forced to think outside the box when planning their latest fundraiser. Facing nearly $200,000 in budget cuts, they are holding a silent auction and inviting the whole community to support the school and spend the evening with Seattle Sounders star Taylor Graham. This story looks at the challenges the school faces, and why they are optimistic about the future.

The auction will be held May 12 from 6:30- 9:00 PM at Twist in Belltown. More information can be found on the Roxhill Elementary website.

Download the MP3 audio story, Roxhill Auction [ 2.1mb, 2:12 ]

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Pure Food Fish Market

Pure Food Fish, located at the Pike Place Market,  has been selling the freshest fish for 100 years.  Jack Amon was the founder and his son is running the business today. Many tourists and customers come every day to buy fresh fish and tour Pike Place Market.

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The Black Market: More Recession Proof Than Pornography or The Liquor Store

The story revolves around a young man who has been directly affected by the recession. He’s lost two jobs in six months and, despite continued effort, hasn’t been able to find another. He doesn’t know where to turn and is feeling all of the negative emotions involved in being out of work. He feels like a failure, a disappointment and like the future is bleak. Due to his situation, he has turned back to what he believes to be the only comfort he can get: substance abuse. Drug use is a huge issue our nation is facing. The war against drugs might be being fought all over the country but is often felt much closer to home. This man is facing his own war against drugs. He is the solider on the front lines. He has within himself the inner battle. He is the enemy.

Substance abuse and economic issues are real. This story explores and documents these problems.

Download the MP3 [2MB; 2:06]

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PostSecret Comes To The UW Thanks To Student Group Active Minds

This past Friday night, PostSecret creator Frank Warren came to the University of Washington campus thanks to UW student group Active Minds, which aims to raise an awareness about mental health issues. In this clip, you’ll hear from both Warren and UW Active Minds president Katie McCorkell.

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Stayed Up All Night… Watching William and Kate Get Hitched… Did You?

The highly anticipated wedding of Prince William of England and commoner, Kate Middleton is at last, over.  The fairytale was all that everyone could have expected, with much pomp and circumstance, and additional bits for the common people.  The rabble-rowsing protesters were kept at bay, the event proceeded without a hitch.  The entire UK seemed to turn out in support, despite tough times across the continent.   And not to be outdone, the rest of the world was in attendance, too.  Including me.  Did you watch?

Download the mp3  [1.24 mb/2:10]

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