Digital Journalism

COM466 – University of Washington

Photo Assignment

Photo-a-Day and Proof of Concept Photo Story (total 75 points)
(1) Photo-a-Day Tu April 26th – Fr May 6th
(2) Proof of Concept: Fri 6 May Wed May 11th

Part One: Photo-a-Day (practice – Tu April 26 – Th 5 May)

  • Each day, from Tu April 26 – Th 5 May, you will post one photo a day to your blog. (The “day” ends at midnight.) The photo-a-day project is designed to begin training your eye to view the world as a photographer (through a frame) and to hone your editing skills. These are practice photos – they are not part of your photo story!
  • By noon Fri May 6th: blog post reflecting on what you learned in the photo-a-day project

You must take photos each day. (I will look at EXIF data.) In the process of the photo-a-day project, you should develop an idea for your proof of concept photo slideshow, which is the culmination of the still photography part of the class.

  • Day 1 – Tuesday: Something related to nature
  • Day 2 – Wednesday: Something related to UW Red Square
  • Day 3 – Thursday: Something related to “Seattle”
  • Day 4 – Friday: Something related to people
  • Day 5 – Saturday: Something related to the color blue
  • Day 6 – Sunday: Something related to texture
  • Day 7 – Monday: Something related to animals
  • Day 8 – Tuesday: Something related to technology
  • Day 9 – Wednesday: Something related to transportation
  • Day 10 – Thursday: Something related to water

Part Two: Photo Story

  • On Mon May 9th (lab), bring at least 35 high-resolution digital photos related to this story on USB thumb drive or upload them to your Dropbox in a zipped file. You should have already cropped these images. In lab, you will learn how to create slideshows that work in
  • By noon Wed May 4th 11th: blog post containing
    (a) a one-two paragraph summary of the visual story and an explanation your goals; note any reporting/photography challenges and
    (b) one to two paragraphs explaining how well you met your goals, what you learned doing this project, and what you would do differently if you had a chance to redo this assignment.
  • Final story due noon Friday May 6th Wed May 11th

There will be lab time for some image tweaking but not basic editing.

Deliverable details:

(1) Blog Post: 

You will create a blog post on your blog as well as the COM466 site that promotes your photo story; you can use the story summary from your reflective blog post if you think it’s punchy enough. Remember that this is a promotional piece; it should not contain any information about your goals for the project. See Monday’s lab for details on the blog post.

The blog post headline should be illustrative of the story (not “photo assignment”) and you should tweet a promotional link.

Put your images into a folder that also contains your PPT; zip (compress it) and and upload it to your Dropbox public folder Catalyst.

(2) Email to me:

Put “COM466 Photo Story” in the email subject line; assignments that use any other subject line will not be read and the assignment will be considered “not turned in” (no points).

In the email, include the Dropbox public folder link and the links to your blog post (both on your site and on the course site).


  • Content – Do the photos tell a story? Is the story logical (progression, relevance)? Are you giving the reader the information she needs to understand the story?
  • Technique – Have the photos been edited for optimal composition? Is the exposure optimal (not too dark or too light)?
  • Bonus points for news value

NOTE: These are the same criteria that will be used to assess the audio on your final project.

Grading (Preliminary Photos – 25)

  • 2 points (x10) – photo shot and posted each day (day ends at midnight)
  • 5 points – blog post on noon May 6th

Grading (Photo Story – 50)

  • 10 points – content is coherent and interesting
  • 5 points – the story can stand alone (it does not need text – beyond captions – to make sense)
  • 5 points – the photo story focuses on at least three very different things
  • 5 points – the photo story contains different angles and distances, such as (a) wide shot, (b) medium shot and (c) close-up
  • 5 points – photos demonstrate rule of thirds/good composition
  • 5 points – photos have proper exposure


  • 5 points – blog post due noon on Wednesday
  • 5 points – promotion/announce blog post (both sites) has compelling headline, overview and photos
  • 5 points – tweet promoting blog post is compelling, timely and contains course hashtag
  • 5 points – news value (bonus points)

If you do not upload your files to Catalyst use the proper subject line for your email to me, you will have missed your deadline (no points).


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