Digital Journalism

COM466 – University of Washington

Individual Project

Individual Project (225 points)

A stand-alone WordPress site that contains a minimum two-minute video story (post to YouTube) or two minute audio+photos story (Soundslides) with minimum of 20 photos; a textual story; and still photography. These are new stories (not those turned in during the course of the quarter).

Assessment criteria are the same as those for the audio, photography and video stories you have already completed.


  • Overall: content is coherent and interesting (and there is a real story) – 50 points
  • Video or SoundSlides Story – 50 points
  • Still Photography – 40 points
  • Explanatory text – 35 points
  • WordPress Site – theme works for the story type – 25 points
  • WordPress Site – credit page – 25 points
NOTE: If two people work on the same project, the content should reflect that. Also, you will need to submit a report (email) that outlines what you did and what your partner did.

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