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COM466 – University of Washington

How To Post An Assignment To The Course Blog

After I have added you as a user to the course blog (I need the email address you have associated with your WordPress account to do this), you will be able to add assignment posts to the blog. This part of the assignment is to give you some experience at publishing in a group blog environment, where you need to be aware of style guidelines.

  1. Your post should have a catchy title that reflects its content (SEO friendly).
  2. The title should have each letter capitalized (styleguide).
  3. Do not put your name in the title; your post will indicate authorship in the standard byline. (See below for customizing how this appears across all of your blogs on
  4. You should write a compelling and concise story summary (SEO friendly).
  5. At the bottom of the post, you should cross-post (link) to your original post (the one on your personal blog) and you should link to your promotional tweet (links = GoogleJuice).
  6. You need to pick the correct categories (styleguide).
  7. Feel free to add “tags” that reflect the content of your story (findability).
  8. After you hit “publish” your post will wait for me to approve it. If it does not conform with these guidelines, I will not approve it.
You do not want to be “signing” your blog posts with your login, which is the default setting

  • Login To and go to “My Account.”
  • Select “Edit My Profile” and then put something in the “Display name publicly as” field.
WordPress Dashboard

Edit Your WordPress Account Info

Audio Assignment:
Here’s an example, from Mia Cole.

How To Post Your Audio Assignment To This Course Blog


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