Digital Journalism

COM466 – University of Washington

YouTube Lab

First, log in to YouTube. (PPT)

1. Account Settings

  1. Go to Account Settings
  2. Under profile setup : Decide if you want an avatar, photo or video to represent you on YouTube and make that choice happen by clicking “change” under the image on the overview page. The change is not instantaneous!
  3. Customize your home page (this not your channel page).
  4. Under playback setup : these are settings for when you are watching YouTube videos
  5. Under email options : how often do you want Google to send you alerts
  6. Think about privacy
  7. Under activity sharing : this is an additional ‘think about privacy’ section
  8. Under mobile setup : YouTube gives you an email address you can use to upload videos from your phone (not needed with an iPhone)
  9. Under manage account : If your YouTube and Google accounts are linked, there isn’t a lot for you to do on this page.

2. Channel Settings

  1. Go to Channel Design
  2. Under settings: Give your channel a name and add tags that might make it easy to find you. Pick your “type” (reporter, anyone?) and decide if you want to be “findable” via your email address. When done with this panel, click “save settings.”
  3. Under themes and colors: Decide if you want to change the color scheme from the default “gray” set. I picked “Clean.” Think about readability when you make this choice!
  4. Under modules: Decide which content types you want to show on your channel home page.
  5. Under videos and playlists: Decide which videos you want to highlight on your channel home page. Decide if you want to feature a video or show your content in a “grid”

3. Video Settings

  1. Clear Title
  2. Detailed Description
  3. Descriptive Tags
  4. Broadcasting/Sharing
  5. Map if appropriate

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