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Annotated Twitter Follows By Student
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  • newshour / The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer
  • jason_w_white / Jason White, senior editor
  • NYT_JenPreston / Jen Preston, journalist for the New York Times
  • jeffjarvis / Jeff Jarvis, blogs for
  • poynterchats / Poynter’s live chats
  • knightpulse / Knight Pulse, interested in the future of news
  • jayrosen_nyu / Jay Rosen, journalism professor at NYU
  • TomJolly / Tom Jolly, sports editor at the New York Times
  • KGeee / Katherine Goldstein, blog editor at the Huffington Post
  • citmedialaw / Non-profit at Harvard University providing legal assistance and resources for online and citizen media.
  • nytimesbits / News and analysis from the technology industry throughout the day from the New York Times.
  • maureenwm / Maureen Alley, managing editor of Website Magazine.
  • mattmansfield / Matt Mansfield, Medill journalism professor in Washington, D.C. Also, he is the president of the Society for News Design.
  • smh_multimedia / Multimedia and photos from the Sydney Morning Herald.
  • steven_king / Multimedia storyteller based in Washington, D.C.
  • maddow / Rachel Maddow is an MSNBC anchor and hosts the “Rachel Maddow Show” on that network.
  • KINGJoyceTaylor / Joyce Taylor anchors the Seattle KING-5 morning show.
  • SIFFNews / SIFF provides news, information and show times for the Seattle International Film Festival.
  • SEA_Mariners / An unofficial Seattle Mariners Twitter feed, which provides information on the Mariners and in-game updates.
  • king5eveningmagazine / Evening Magazine, gives information on the KING 5 program, which is the only TV magazine show in the Seattle area.


  • amandawormann – Marketing director at Burton.
  • pampelmoose – Musician, writer, blogger, social media contrarian, Gang of Four bass player, NemoHQ Digital Footprint Impresser.
  • chasejarvis – Seattle based photographer.
  • evogeardotcom – Online and Seattle based action sport company.
  • strictly4money – Death and Taxes creative. Salt Lake, UT and Seattle, WA based creative marketing firm.
  • @brizzyc – Professor Carrie Brown. University of Memphis, Department of Journalism.
  • @drcarp – Professor Serena Carpenter. Arizona State University, Walter Cronkite School of Journalism & Mass Communication
  • @jonvibe – Professor Jon Glass. Syracuse University, S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications.
  • @ljthornton – Professor Leslie-Jean Thornton. Arizona State University, Walter Cronkite School of Journalism & Mass Communication.
  • @newsandtech – Newspapers & Technology. Marcelo Duran, newspaper technology, media.
  • @5ones – Actions sports news.
  • @NEMOHQ – Design and photography studio in Portland. Friends.
  • @yodanny – Friend who works for a multimedia advertising agency.
  • @wanken – Design and photography friend.
  • @Yobeatdotcom – Friend’s snowboard website.
  • @HuckleberryHart. This is my “personal” Twitter account.
  • @broader. Social media agency for action sports brands.
  • @gsmiller. Photograper/friend.
  • @brookegeery. Action sports lifestyle journalist, friend, Portland dweller.
  • @coudal. Design/creative firm from Chicago. Love these guys.


  • turn into bullets!


  • Emily Ingram @emilyingram
  • Lauren Mitchell @laurenmitchell
  • Alana Taylor @alanataylor
  • Craig Kanalley @ckanal
  • Greg Linch @greglinch
  • Steve Yelvington- great resource for digital journalism in particular, he is a multimedia strategist.
  • Steve Outing- another great resource for digital journalism, real interest in how technology is effecting the new age of journalism
  • Ben LaMothe- recent Journalism graduate
  • Adrian Monck- an ex-tv news reporter, great resource for digital journalism
  • David Cohn (Digidave)- I don’t know how exactly I wasn’t already following this guy, but he’s definitely another great resource.
  • English News- this was a news site that caught my eye right away. I am trying to keep in touch with major news coorporations, which is a big reason as to why I chose to follow this news site. It is also international, which I think adds some depth in information for me.
  • Rickdog- no particular reason, but this guy seems to be really linked to the world of journalism and talks a lot about it; plus, he has a lot of followers, which in my mind makes someone pretty credible on Twitter.
  • Videojournlist- I saw this and immediately joined it, primarily because I am mostly interested in the web and making videos when it comes to journalism. I thought this would be a good addition.
  • Media_Pros- this was another profile that is pretty general, but I think would be a very good resource for me for journalism in the future. I felt as though it was necessary to add them.
  • Journalist Net- again, this was another profile that is pretty general, but I thought would be a good resource for me being a journalism student. I strongly encourage every journalist to follow this profile, because it is geared towards connecting the whole field with information.


  • Social Media Club @smcnh: Everyone has room to learn social media. And this is the account to get up there.
  • Twitter @twitter: Since it is always wondering what everyone else is doing, so am I.
  • Jason Mraz @Jason_Mraz: Talented, smart, very ‘green’ man.
  • I always have more room for global news!
  • BCC Click @BBCClick: Everyone should be up to date with the latest technologies.
  • @SvyATL : SvyATL consistently has new tweets about marketing ideas. In class we are speaking about branding, in particular ourselves. Everyone needs a little marketing advice here and there.
  • @topfollowfriday: Apparently has the ‘best’ of that day. Certainly will make all our lives slightly easier if that were the case!
  • @LadyExec: She is a breast cancer survivor that has uplifting tweets and seem to do it all. Makes my class load seem like a breeze.
  • @OceanHealth: Uses the Twitter space as a social media tool that has a ‘goal’ to promote the health of the ocean.
  • @strumandhum: Is an NYU neurologist and is in a band. There is so much random Twitter(ers) that are extremely talented.
  • CareerBuilderPR @Careerbuilderpr: People need to realize social media tools such as Career Builder can be utilized to elevate ourselves on the career/corporate/resume building way.
  • Jen Khatchatria @EcoChic: Because Jen emphasizes that ‘going green’ is simply more than a trend
  • Pepperdigital @pepperdigital: Extremely relevant to my life and class. Talks about the latest and the greatest
  • FollowFridayLove @fridayluv : Makes me #FollowFriday so much easier and fun.
  • Jared Eng @jaredeng: innovated celebrity online columnist (able to blog without being awful to celebrities…makes me feel less guilty about my guilty pleasures in life).
  • Lisa Ling @Lisaling: Because she was one of the familiar faces I’ve grown up with. I’ve grown to appreciate things she had to say. She doesn’t try to be democratic in her opinions because they are hers.
  • Jay Rosen @jayrosen_nyu: …I hope as COM majors (most of all), we’ve all read some of his work.
  • LizStrauss @lizstrauss: Liz is extremely relevant to the COM 466 group project because she analyzes new business models for online media. She also claims to be a social web strategist (maybe she can solve our addictions to Facebook..maybe).
  • Chrys Wu @MacDivaONA: I’m a sucker for a blogger that does deals with fashion and music.
  • Biz Stone @biz: Because the Co-founder of Twitter should have some pretty interesting things to say.


  • @TheNewsChick
  • @_chuck_talyor_
  • @JJtweets
  • @atPunliCola
  • @gonzogrrl
  • @westseattleblog (very active)
  • @Bigblog (pretty active)
  • @beaconhillblog (sort of in the game)
  • @Myballard (could do a little more)
  • @Fremontuniverse (Fremont is the center of the universe! That means they probably have too much going on to tweet it… right?)
  • @RTjournalism: Retweets messages from Journalists – nice way to find more journos on Twitter
  • @Reporterssource: Connects journalists and businesses
  • @bridge2science: Connects Journalists and Scientists
  • @nowpublic: Citizen Journalism network
  • @iamnews: open newsroom, hiring journalists
  • @MatadorNetwork, an independent travel magazine.
  • @Stuenperu is a guy in Lima, Peru who has some nice photos on his Twittersite and followed me this week, so I decided to take a peek at him.
  • the same goes for @EverywhereTrip, the self-proclaimed one-man National Geographic.
  • @AdventureLiving and @tfthostels on the other hand are rather professionally maintained profiles that provide useful hints, tips and links on travel.



  • seattlepi: this is an obvious choice; latest news in Seattle
  • myballard: latest news in Ballard availible on Twitter
  • reporteraj: Andrea James, local reporter that usually tweets the latest news
  • bigblog: Twitter account for the Seattle PI’s main news and conversation blog
  • curt_m: good tweets about journalism, he even RT’d one of Adam’s tweets on why journalists deserve low pay
  • spotus: We’ve talked in class that might be the model for the future of journalism. They also tweet frequently with news relevant to journalists.
  • marcambinder: political editor for the Atlantic Monthly. He always has good updates about what’s going on in DC
  • tariakpodiete: journalist/social media enthusiast. His tweet about Firedoglake raising money for an investigative journalist grabbed my attention. He also has other great tweets.
  • webbmedia: great person to follow for updates about technology and journalism. Webbmedia Group is a consulting agency that helps companies adapt to technology.
  • globalpost: world news from people across the world. They have some great stories on their website.
  • suzanneyada: she has some great ideas about where journalism is heading and what it takes for students like us to make it into a career. There’s a ton of good info on her blog.
  • jayrosen_nyu: he teaches journalism at NYU and writes for the blog PressThink. He’s always tweeting with great information for journalists.
  • steveouting: journalist, consultant, and entrepreneur from Colorado. He has some great stories on his blog, including one about using Twitter for note-taking in the classroom.
  • jiconoclast: editor of He’s also very active in journalism and the direction it’s going.
  • yelvington: he’s a lifelong journalist and strategist for a media company. Lots of good information on his blog. He also tweets frequently and covers good topics concerning journalism.
  • AndreaWeiss: she’s a community blogger (Shoreline) for the Seattle PI. I haven’t followed her for long but I’m hoping it’ll give me a look into hyperlocal journalism via Twitter.
  • theclassiccrime: a band in Seattle that tweets their fans often. I interviewed their lead vocalist for my last audio story. Good music and good guys.
  • seattlecourant: editor of, Keith Vance, maintains the page. He mostly updates with news stories about Seattle’s city council and school districts. As the editor/owner of an online news source, I like that he isn’t afraid to provide links to other news sources.
  • azizansari: a comedian that’s on the TV show “Parks and Recreation” and formerly “Human Giant.” If I need a laugh, then his updates will usually make it happen.
  • paulpierce34: my favorite basketball player. It’s interesting to see what he has to say when he’s off the court.


  • newsandtech – technology operations meets newspaper
  • spotus – possible model for future journalism
  • djournalist – The Digital Journalist — a multimedia magazine
  • nowpublic – world’s largest participatory news network
  • readytoworkstl – St. Louie business marketer/business developer
  • paulbradshaw – Paul is from the UK (my second international Twitter friend). He does all sorts of writing and various media work through Birmingham City University.
  • Reporterssource – Free service linking journalists and businesses of all kinds
  • Specialdee – Fellow blogger and frequent Tweeter who often writes about technology
  • suzanneyada – San Jose biz and journalism student; claims to be part of the future of journalism and blogs about it!
  • cijournalism – Center for investigative journalism, based in London
  • Scobleizer: Robert Scoble of Silicon Valley, CA is an avid blogger. He manages his own blog called “Scobleizer bleeding edge technology talk.” Right now he’s in the process of building a community of people through a site called Building 45. This man looks a lot like Phillip Seymour Hoffman…
  • Catone: Josh Catone of R.I. contributes all kinds of articles on an assortment of topics of the digital world. He stretches his skills from being a manager, a blogger and an editor.
  • jasonp107: Jason Preston of Seattle is blogger for “140|The Twitter Conference: taping into the real time web.” It’s an innovative site that works with online users (like business people and developers) to get the latest in web updates.
  • marshallk: Marshall Kirkpatrick of Portland is the VP of Read Write Web –need I say more?
  • earleyedition: Robert Scoble Dave Earley is my first international blogger. He’s from Australia and he tweets about technology and new media.


  • @urbanreporter He’s a multimedia producer and reporter and his website has links to tons of blogs and resources.
  • @irasocol Maintains an active blog about the use of media and technology in the education system both domestically and internationally.
  • @saleemkhan He’s a professional journalist who keeps track of new technology and innovations.
  • @photoshoptips Great resource for tools and tutorials to help ease Photoshop frustrations.
  • @photojack An experienced stock photographer, he knows has the knowledge to help aspiring photogs turn travel photos into revenue.
  • @vagabondish Mike Richard is the author of the web travel ‘zine by the same name. Great news and advice much more unique than most travel guides like these tips on hitchhiking.
  • @TravelWithDave Came across him after seeing his tweet, The World’s Most Dangerous Hike [Video]: In-effing-sane.
  • @thetraveleditor A little upscale for my tastes, but still has lots of resources, reviews and advice on trips, gear, etc. Also has a website by the same name.
  • @greentravel Great news source for trends in the lovable oxymoron that is Green Travel.
  • @bootsnall Billed as the ultimate resource for the Independent Traveler, BootsnAll is a prolific Twitter-user and maintains a website that’s a useful travel network with regularly updated articles to tempt you abroad.
  • @digitalvagabond New to Twitter but already has a strong web presences. Stay tuned to hear the recipient of his “Roads Scholarship.”
  • @twilightearth He’s the founder of a blog by the same name and serves as a great resource for environmental news and discussion
  • @elephantjournal He’s based out of Boulder, CO and promotes “the mindful life.”
  • @greensmith Runs two different blogs and has lots of information on sustainable business practices.
  • @derekmarkham Another founder of Twilight Earth, he’s a very popular green tweep.
  • @maxgladwell Great Twitter resource. Claimed “the nexus of social media and green living.”
  • paulbradshaw – As an online journalism and web design professor at Birmingham City University, he’s a great resource for tech news and trends
  • jackschofield – As the computer editor of the Guardian he is up to date on a lot of technology issues and also a photo buff.
  • toadmeister – His bio says it all “Soon-to-be Old Media casualty struggling to appear digitally with-it.”
  • earleyedition – He’s an Aussie who stays up to date on important trends in digital media and social networking.
  • ryansholin – He’s the new Director of News Innovation at Publish2 and works with journalists to give them all the tools they need to utilize web technologies.

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