Digital Journalism

COM466 – University of Washington


COM466 meets 11.30-1.20, Mon and Wed in CMU302

Week 1: Introduction and Framing

Subtitle: Getting Past The Doom And Gloom

Who are we and why are we in this class?  What is journalism? How do we characterize journalism today? What does its future look like?

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Week 2 : One-Way Journalism, Meet Social Media

Subtitle: Virtual Communities and Online Social Networks

News and journalism are changing due to technology, economics and reader/producer role changes. What types of news forms are emerging in today’s social digital environment?

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Week 3 : Newsprint, Meet Multimedia

Subtitle: Picking The Medium That Best Tells The Story

How do we “tell a story” in hyperspace? What multimedia tools are at our disposal? We’ll start with audio.

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Week 4: Text, Meet Still Images

Subtitle:  Create compelling (and ethical) digital images

How does photojournalism differ online when compared with print (magazines, newspapers, tabloids)?

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Week 5: The Click-Through Dream Machine

Subtitle:  Photo Galleries: The Good and The Ugly

What’s the difference between silent and narrated photogalleries? What about background music? And how to use Soundslides.

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Week 6: InfoGraphics

Subtitle:  A Picture Really Can Tell A Thousand Words

The new journalism: digital data mining and mashups.

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Week 7: Network TV News, Meet YouTube

Subtitle: Video Goes Social

The differences between “television” journalism and online video news.

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Week 8: Moving Images and Sound

Subtitle:  Telling Stories With Inexpensive Video Tools

Unlimited storage space (and bandwidth) does not eliminate the need for editing!

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Week 9: Portfolios

Subtitle:  Managing Your Digital Brand

Whether your goal is to be a journalist or another form of communicator, you should be proactive about managing “Brand You.”

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Week 10: Wrap Up

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