Digital Journalism

COM466 – University of Washington


Resources for this class – books, tutorials, websites.


Future of News


  • – The web site of an exceptional photojournalist – note how he’s also been able to cross over into commercial work to support the editorial.
  • FLYP Media (more than just a magazine)
  • Interactive Narratives – A compendium of notable multimedia pieces on a site managed by the Online News Association.
  • – A young student photojournalist working in multimedia and producing great stuff – if she can do it so can you.
  • – A young woman doing  really relevant work using multimedia.
  • – Multimedia production and web documentary from Brian Storm, former MSNBC Director of Multimedia
  • – An independent view of the Iraq war from four different photojournalists


  • The America Society of Media Photographers has publicly accessible teaching modules and tutorials, particularly on business and technology issues.
  • – Great resource for digital photography
  • and – Established and upstart online agencies
  • – The granddaddy of all picture agencies – these folks are famous and deserve to be. A great place to see great work.
  • – The place to learn about industry standards for digital imaging. Go here to get the big picture on how to deliver.



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    1. snordq says:

      For anyone having trouble, here’s a video about creating videos on MovieMaker:

      And some advice on uploading a video to YouTube:

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