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The Biltmore Apartments: Issues Neglected

The Biltmore Apartments: a local, Seattle apartment building with problems.

This old building is rustic and kind of charming in a way but a building like this takes upkeep. There are many problems that arise here but the management doesn’t seem to take them seriously. Here are some photographs and a story to explain show what kinds of problems arise here at The Biltmore and just how they affect the tenants.

The building has a large room in the daylight basement where the dumpsters are kept for the use of the tenants. The problem is that there are too many tenants and too much garbage for the number of garbage cans and pick ups per week. There is so much trash that it ends up overflowing in the basement before pick up day and on the sidewalks outside on pick up days. The overflow is inconvenient to those living in the building because it smells by pick up day. Additionally, the overflow is unsanitary and unsavory when the trash overflows onto the street and is left for people to step on. This photo story shows just how the building acknowledges this problem every week when they put out the dumpsters and yet they do nothing to solve the problem.


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