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Do You Make A Difference To Someone? Rally and Relay!

If you ask most people what is the meaning of life, you’d get various answers but you would find that most people want to have meaningful, reciprocal relationships, to be happy, healthy and to make a difference in the world with their life. The Relay For Life is a fundraiser that can do just that and YOU can get involved today! When my best friend Hope was diagnosised at 37 years old with breast cancer, I couldn’t believe it could happen…to her, to someone so young, to a mom, wife, sister who was NOT done living. The words “you have cancer” changed her life forever. She has since beaten cancer and takes time to turn her journey and fight into giving hope and promise to others through her participation in Relay For Life, benefiting The American Cancer Society. You too can join the fight through fundraisers like Relay For Life or donations!!

The Relay For Life, as told through my soundslide project, was held in Auburn, Washington May 13-14, 2011. What makes it different is that because it goes from 6pm on Friday through the night until Saturday at 11am, walkers must be on the track the whole time. Because of this, people form teams so people take turns walking and in between, share stories, nosh, laugh, cry and make new memories with friends, family and others that have survived cancer and those who honor those who didn’t.

Enjoy my Rally for Friends! Rally For Life! SoundSlides presentation!


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