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Feeling The Pinch At The Pump, Try This

Gas prices are on the rise with no relief in the near future.  Let us not forget, Seattle is one of the worst cities for traffic congestion.  Do you get stuck in traffic wasting gas?  An easy solution, Sound Transit link light rail.  Imagine how much money you can save from gas costs.  Imagine how relaxed you can be.  Imagine how quickly you can get to your destination.  Check out how easy it is to ride the link light rail. 

1 – The link light rail is a 2 way rapid service offered 20 hours a day from downtown Seattle to the SeaTac airport.

2 – Buying a ticket is so very easy.  Unless you already have a pre-paid orca card, you can pay by debit card, credit card or cash.

3 – The link light rail comes every 10 minutes.  During peak travel times it comes every 7.5 minutes.

4 – Aboard the link light rail with ease.

5 – Bicycles are welcom.  There is plenty of room to bring your bicycle on-board.

6 – You arrive at your destination in no time.

7 – Credits: Sarah Espanol,


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