Digital Journalism

COM466 – University of Washington

Week 6 : The Click-Through Machine

Subtitle: Photo Galleries: The Good and The Ugly


  • Housekeeping
  • Breaking News and Twitter
  • Posting To A Group Blog (style guides)
  • Photo Review
  • Audio Review
  • Lab


Breaking News and Twitter

Posting To A Group Blog

Photo Review

  • Small groups:
    • What have you learned so far? What have you changed since day 1?
  • General points:
  • Snapshots versus thoughtful photos
  • Importance of composition
  • Importance of file size
  • Think about naming conventions (asset management)

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Audio Review

  • Small groups : listen/critique/lessons
  • email to Kathy – subject line “COM466 Audio Thoughts” – after today’s class, what would you do differently? How will you incorporate these learnings into your SoundSlides project? How will you incorporate these learnings into your course project? Due midnight tonight (we have lab time)


  • Post your audio story to the COM466 blog; if already in draft, tweak if needed.
  • Help with audio or photo editing


  • Photo a Day (released from taking each photo each day)
  • Photo Assignment – Deliverables Due Next Mon & Wed
  • By Wed noon: short blog post outlining your idea/ideas for your project. If working with someone else, you both need to post! How might you incorporate the work you are doing in photo/slideshare assignments into your final project?

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2 Responses

  1. * changing angle of view is impt
    * perspective is good thing -being less self-conscious
    * take more photos
    * meter on your hand first (for pix of people)
    * takes a lot of photos to get one you like
    * project changes your world view (look at the world differently) – photos present themselves to you
    * framing/composition
    * importance of lighting
    * envisioning photos before picking up camera
    * practice is important
    * equipment matters (some)
    * knowing how to use your equipment matters
    * leave room to crop

  2. […] benefited greatly from Twitter, especially evident when the news of Osama Bin Laden was killed. The poll Kathy Gill posted from our classroom participants showed a good result (15%) heard it first on Twitter and . Top […]

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