Digital Journalism

COM466 – University of Washington

week 5 – wednesday

Subtitle: Create Compelling (and ethical) Digital Images


  • More on composition and shot types
  • Review “good/bad” pics
  • Review day one photo-a-day
Composition and Shot Types

Review – Good and Bad Pix

  • Your list
  • Pairs w/the people who follow you on the list (1&2, 3&4, 5&6, etc) — view, confer/analyze, agree on one “good” image . Post that as a comment (along with who you are) on this post and tell us why. We’ll then work through the examples as a group.

Review – first photo -nature

  • Your list
  • Triads like this (1&3&5, 2&4&6, 7&9&11, 8&10&12, 13&15&17, 14&16&18, 19&21&23 — 20 is my floater!)
  • Review the photos of the group that follows you in this list (1&3&5 reviews 2&4&6)
  • What have you learned from analyzing your classmate’s photos? What suggestions do you have to improve those photos? What kind of news stories might these photos accompany?




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22 Responses

  1. concreteghost says:

    We liked the first photo Jeremy posted of the Israeli settler and the soldiers.
    We thought the image was very powerful. It looks like the one woman is holding back all of the soldiers by herself, and is a classic example of a David vs. Goliath type struggle. It is a pretty good use of the rule of thirds, the woman is a little to the right but that gives the impression that her back is up against the wall.

    Graham and David

  2. Sommer says:

    Sommer & Shane

    We are picking the second picture because it is very technically proficient. It is compelling and had nice color composition. Good framing, depth, rule of thirds and tells a good story with a solid sense of place.

  3. salo9979 says:

    Marcy and Mia picked Nicole’s image from Reuter’s re the NFL labor dispute. We liked it because it was a difficult subject matter (in that it was a logo, taken against a parking lot full of light poles), but the perspective was interesting and the composition was very cool. The focus was good. The sky is amazing. The rule of thirds shows the focus point right to be at the “N” of NFL… everything else is setting the scene. It’s very clear – the relationship to the story.

  4. ashie7 says:

    Ashley and Bryden:

    We chose the first picture for Graham’s blog
    1. “Songkran Festival, Thailand.”

    1) Draws you in.
    2) Gaze of subjects creates a visual path that makes it easy for the eye to follow.
    3) Colors accentuate the interest of the picture.
    4) Definitely follows rule of thirds.
    5) Has emotion.
    6) Humor
    7) Action shot creates movement.

  5. iamjohnmoon says:

    John M/John H

    (Sunset – A beautiful sunset)

    -Sunset’s are always beautiful
    -Perfect moment to think about life (Date or no date)
    -Looks like a painting
    -It’s in Washington
    -Ripples in the water

  6. rowdyandrew says:

    Stephanie and I (Rowdy) chose a photo that Bryden posted from The Daily. It was taken by Lucas Anderson. It has the focal point off center, slightly to the left. It is good representation of accurate use of thirds with golden back lighting which darkens the far background and the foreground but really highlights that which is touched by the light. The result being a very beautiful, strong focal point.

  7. sespanol says:

    Sarah and Marci

    Good picture – Shane – Cuba image

    The picture uses principles of thirds to draw your eye to the vertical lines of the fence and the horizontal word Cuba. After we reviewed the article, the fence is a silent metaphor for keeping Americans out of tourists.

  8. Josh F says:

    Kanny and Josh liked Kris’s second picture that features a young Japanese girl who is saying goodbye to her father who died in the tsunami. We concluded that it used the rule of thirds effectively and the content of the photo had natural emotion to it.

  9. JMJego says:

    Jeremy & Ian

    3rd shot down–beautifully framed, emotionally compelling. Feels like an art piece, but is just the product of a good eye and a skilled hand.

  10. Raanan Schnitzer says:

    We like this photo because of the use of the rule of thirds, it is balanced, and it uses a shallow depth of field to blur the background and focus our attention of the subject matter.

    Reed and Raanan

  11. marci466 says:

    Marci, John M, Kanny –
    We liked the brilliace of pink and how bright it was considering she took it at night. Nice camera, focus. Slightly off center but the eye goes to the center of the bud where you can see more detail and almost more flowers inside it (depth).


    We liked this because it used 1/3 principle and the pidgeoeon on her head was looking right at the camera, the street woman looked very happy, her stick was interesting. Contrast of light and dark.

  12. Raanan Schnitzer says:

    1) Use of fields to highlight subject of the photo.

    2) A good photo should have a focus/point to it.

    3) Photos should show us something that we do not normally see with the naked eye.

    Raanan and Marcy

  13. JMJego says:

    Bryden 2, Graham 4, & Jeremy 6

    7 –

    Good shot. We’d like to see it closer in on the flower, with the point of entry moved more to the right of the frame, and the background fadeed out of focus to the left.

    9 –

    Unfortunately,the autofocus picked up the black tarp as the point of focus; however we liked the way the shadow framed the image of the plant from the left. We’d also like to see the point of entry pulled back and to the right of the frame.

    11 –

    We could definitely see this as an image used for a story about recycling or sustainability; maybe a little farther out, so the can doesn’t dominate the image. Also, we’d like to see a the entry and vanishing point along more of an angle; rather than horizontal.

  14. Ashley, Ian, David’s thoughts on photos o’ the day:
    Bryden’s picture of Grieg: Good contrast between nature and man-made structure. Lonely feeling enhanced by night-time setting. Bryden is lost on campus and gets scared by a statue.

    Graham’s picture of cherry blossom tree gives us the feeling that someone is about to have a terrible sneezing fit due to their allergies. Lots of stuff going on here so your eye doesn’t know where to focus.

    Jeremy’s photo of the duck is well composed using the ‘rule of thirds’. Good color. Perhaps tells the story of a lonely duck who has lost the rest of his family?

  15. Josh F says:

    John H, Sarah, and Josh liked John M’s photo the best because the texture on the tree trunk looked great. He also angled the camera.

  16. Sommer says:

    Sommer, Reed & Mia

    We thought this photo was a little boring considering the lack of focus but still really liked it. It seemed to have motion and good texture.

    We thought this photo may be good for a sporting headline or lawn care.

    We thought this was very pretty and it was nice that the dirt was a bit out of focus. We may have preferred it without the leaves cut off though.

    We thought this would be a good Spring time is approaching type of photo.

    We thought this was very interesting and beautiful except the one tree maybe stood out too much. We liked the reflections of the lesser intense aspects though.

    We had more trouble with this one because the photo was more odd. It would still be good for a picture of the park if one was needed for an article.

  17. rowdyandrew says:

    Rowdy, Shane, and Stephanie:
    We liked Sarah’s photo a lot. It uses the rule of thirds, it provides texture, the light is beautiful, it goes from blurry to crisp from left to right.
    Davids photo is colorful, with good lighting. It looks like it could be under water.
    we liked the angle of the wood with the focus on the fungus. The blur to the left helps emphasis the focal point. The nails to the right create context for the size of the fungus.

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