Digital Journalism

COM466 – University of Washington

Week 5 – Text Meet Still Images

Subtitle: Create Compelling (and ethical) Digital Images

Photojournalism: Composition, rule of thirds, basic photojournalim ethics.


  • Housekeeping
  • More On Audio
  • Begin Discussion About Visuals (Photos)
  • Lab


  • Updated gradesheet
  • Twitter Summary
    * Let’s not just copy&paste bios anymore; the #FF info should tell us why we want to follow them based on your recommendation.
    * Josh – what is your handle?
    * This week’s #FF was supposed to be photographers/radio-audio — anything else not credited
  • Audio Summary (those who did not do this lab are behind)
  • TypeWithMe documents : Twitter FF photographers, Twitter FF audio/radio

More On Audio

Editing Unwanted Sound:

Changing Voice Amplification:

In pairs, your audio story for this week – problems, brainstorming

Discussion : Photos In A Digital Age

Last week’s assignment: read and come to class prepared to discuss:

Small group discussion: key take-aways about creating online photos?
Workshop/slideshare presentation: Create compelling photos
Key points about online photos:
  • File size – quality trade-off (save at 72 dpi)
  • Rule of Thirds
  • Demo Photoshop basics (crop – resize)

Open Lab


Please share: if you have found useful Audacity resources, please share with the class on this TypeWith.Me document (counts towards participation grade)



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  1. Notes:

    * The manipulation should nt change the content of the picture

    * Where do you draw the line? (context : TIME v Cosmopolitan)

    * Integrity of news source – not that different from lies in written story

    * Be sure credit is given to the photographer

    * Use common sense

    * Shift in perspective – reporting versus “art”

    * The mindset for news should be accurate – but do the ends justify the means?

    * Ethical concerns

    * Captions are an incredibly important part of photojournalism

    * Cultural change in the move to digital from darkrooms

    * Setting up a shot is a form of manipulationi

  2. sespanol says:

    For enabling web publishing –

    I wasn’t able to locate “Turn Services on or off” per the directions. In case anyone else needs to know, here’s how you can do it.

    *Log-in with your UW Net ID.
    *Need to be on the page that says “Manage UW NetID Resources for….”.
    *Click on “Computing Services” (on the left). *Then under “Inactive Services” (on the right) – click on “Student Web Publishing”.
    *Click “Subscribe”.

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