Digital Journalism

COM466 – University of Washington

Week 04 – Wednesday

Subtitle: Create Compelling Audio Stories


  • Housekeeping
  • Good Audio Review
  • Editing Audio : A Process


Good Audio Review

  • Assignment: find three good examples of audio stories
  • In class: in pairs, agree on one story that everyone should hear. Why? Type the story title and URL in a comment on this blog post (with names of the partners).
  • We’ll review some of these in class.

Creating Your First Story

The in-class/lab tutorial.

Adjust Sound On A Track (Envelope Tool)

NOTE: use or iTunes to covert the WAV file if LAME library is not installed in Audacity.

Upload to your finished audio file to your Dropbox public folder and email me the link.

  • Name the file like this: “yourfirstnameLastinitial-first-audio.mp3” (Last name initial needed only if there are two or more people with the same first name)
  • No spaces in the file name!
  • All lower case (except for Last name initial)
  • Put “COM466 First Audio Story” in the subject line for email filtering.


For Inspiration


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10 Responses

  1. bryden13 says:

    Bryden, Ian, John – “The Giant Pool of Money” – – Makes sense of a complicated subject. Topical at the time. Extremely interesting.

  2. Sommer says:

    Group Members:

    Preet Kaur
    Sommer Fuhs

    Want To Live To 100? Try To Bounce Back From Stress

    We liked that they took the interview somewhere unexpected. Flowed really well. Interesting. Good ambient sound.

  3. salo9979 says:

    We like this story because it’s a good example of interviewing. It uses pretty good quotes, and interesting (and sometimes funny!) sound effects.

  4. Amelia Cole says:

    This story lacks all aspects of what might be considered “good”, however the lack of ambient noise, natural sounds increases the intimacy in the conversation between father and daughter. This is a good example of not using sound.

  5. Group Members – David Liberty, Kris Valdez, John Han

    We think this story is the best example because it is both inspirational and an emotional shot of what is going on in the aftermath of the earthquake in Japan. Made you feel as though you were there with the subject of the story.

  6. sespanol says:

    Group Members: Sarah and Ashley

    (Forewarning, a bit long.) We liked this story for the variety of people of interviewed. Multiple perspectives. Natural sound in the background as they were interviewing. Very authentic. Reporter described setting really well. Liked the foreign language speaking in background and then translation over it.

  7. nbirgh says:

    Nicole Birgh

    Shane Massey

    Jeremy Johnsen

    We liked the use of atmospheric sound (forest segment, Soviet radio broadcast) that didn’t overpower the narrator. A clear narrative that included more than one voice. Overall editing was of a high caliber.

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