Digital Journalism

COM466 – University of Washington

Week 03 – Wednesday


  • What makes a good multimedia story?
  • Twitter (#wjchat and #FF)
  • Upcoming assignments


Points to consider when thinking about your final project (a multi-media story of your choice)

  • Define the story : what is it you are trying to share/tell
  • What is the “frame” for the story, such as historical or futuristic view, big picture/backgrounder, explainer, impacts (why important).
  • Does is involve people, places, things, animals, events, ideas?
  • Which media to use and why (think of strengths — is it a visual story, is there movement, is natural sound important)
  • Story should determine the technology used, not the other way around


  • Demo #wjchat
  • Demo #ff for this week’s assignment


  • Friday : your first #FF on Twitter
    * Five more journalists to follow – one blog post explaining why
    * Fiv tweets on Friday – individual #FF for each @twitterID with explanation of why
  • Monday – noon
    Complete This NewsU Tutorial: Telling Stories With Sound. You need to send the “course report” to me – kegill [at] Complete this by noon on Monday
  • Monday – in-class
    Bring a recorder and a set of headphones. You will be interviewing one another under this scenario: you are attending a 5-year reunion of this class. So make up your biography before class!If you have a laptop that you will be using for editing at home, consider bringing it so that you do your editing on your own machine (no knowledge transfer required). We will be using Audacity (Mac and PC) -> preinstall please.

Weeks 4-10: Twitter Assignment for remainder of the quarter :

  • Follow an additional five people each week; one blog post by noon each Friday telling us who, why. Should be *people* not news organizations but can be new media sites like ReadWriteWeb or Mashable. I will not be adding to the first list, so your blog post is important to help one another find relevant accounts. Posts are due Friday at noon of Weeks 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Each Friday, also tweet these five as a #FF tweet (does not count towards the five tweet requirement for each week).
  • Post at least five tweets/week (tweets due weeks 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 – a week is Sunday-Saturday, for example, Week 4 is 17April-23 April ) that are related to the class and have the #com466 hashtag. I encourage you to share links! RTs count (but not of one another’s material — although I encourage you to RT one another).
  • Essay on Twitter experience will be due finals week.

Audio Resources


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One Response

  1. Notes – what makes a good multimedia story:

    * Ability to self-narrate (not linear)
    * Interactivity (hover and see)
    * Gives context that you could not get from just a picture
    * All media provide value to the story
    * Graphic design draws you in (ads)
    * Test your interface so that it works in multiple browser and devices
    * Relevance
    * Related stories/information + flow
    * Taking advantage of the medium
    * Link predictability and link rot
    * Implementing user content
    * Simplicity
    * “Aesthetic”


    * Repetition
    * Talking heads
    * Pixelated images
    * Too Much Text
    * Animated ads in the middle of a story
    * Photos should complement the story
    * Keep clicking to read more …

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