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MultiMedia Assignment – Examples

Reading: What Is A MultiMedia Story. Blog post with three examples of “good” news site multimedia and three examples of “bad” news site multimedia – specific multimedia stories, please! Explain your choices. Categorize post as assignment.

  1. Amber
  2. Ashley : The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly….In news multimedia
  3. Bryden : A few of my favorite (and least favorite) news site multimedia stories
    American soldier Ian Fisher (“interactive) * President Obama’s first 100 days (aggregated video) * history of Las Vegas (“interactive”) * “bad” – bullying
  4. David : Multimedia news stories: Some good…and a lot of bad
  5. Graham : The Good, The Bad and The Multimedia
  6. Ian : Multimedia Assignment: A Reasonable Effort, A Fruitless Hunt (blank post)
  7. Jeremy – no post
  8. John H : Good and Bad Multimedia
    * Third Tour In Iraq (“interactive) * PhotoProfile (B/W) * PhotoProfile (B/W) * “bad” – bank robbery footage
  9. John M : Examples Good/Bad multistory Sites (no links, no specific stories just sites)
  10. Josh : NYT Does It Right
  11. Kanny : three posts – no links
  12. Kris : what is multimedia story?! let me tell ya!
  13. Marci : The Good and Bad of It All (6 Multi-Media story picks)
    Thousands Willing to Plaster Home with Billboard (text w/still + video that auto-starts) * David Beckham’s Trick Shots in Pepsi Ad-Bending the Truth? (text + video) * A Coal Town Vanishes (text + slideshow)
    * “bad” Toddler Served Booze at Applebees (text replicates video)
  14. Marcy
  15. Mia : What is a multimedia news story?
    Japan Tries to Explain Delays in Reporting Radiation (text ++) * France and Britain Urge Stronger NATO Action in Libya (text ++) * Neglect and death, but adult family home stays open (Seattle Times, text ++)
    * “bad” Calls for NATO action as Gadhafi pounds Misrata (text ++)
  16. Nicole : Good Vs. Bad Multimedia Stories
    A Coal Town Vanishes (text + slideshow) * Seattle won’t get shuttle — but will get full-size simulator (text ++ includes related info) * Truce Plan for Libya Is Rejected by Rebels (text ++)
    * “bad”  In the tsunami aftermath, efforts are focused on new defenses (text replicates video)
  17. Preet : There’s both Good and Bad
    * Teen Multitasking (MSNBC, video + text) * NYT Kristof (video links to text) * NYT Obesity (video with link to other media)
    * “bad” story at LAT (text + still)
  18. Raanan : Multimedia Assignment
    * Seattle Times Urban Sketcher (text + still) * Seattle Times -Picasso Exhibit (“interactive”) * Frankly My dear the Windies do Live For This (NYT, text ++)
    * “bad”  Presidential Fund Raising Kicks Off (NYT Video)
  19. Reed – Multi Media Articles
    * Rebels attack Gadahfi’s phone network (WSJ, text ++) * NASA (CNN, video + text) * Japan Changes Rating Of Nuclear Problem (WaPo, text ++)
    * “bad”  Facebook (Fox, text + still)
  20. Rowdy : Multimedia examples
  21. Sarah : Multimedia Stories Rock! And Some Don’t
  22. Shane : Multimedia Buffets vs. Multimedia Appetizers
  23. Sommer  – The Multimedia Story… Sort-of
    * Help Us Build A Nirvana Timeline (Seattle Times, Dipity) * The Science of the Spill (NYT, video + link) * 1 in 8 million (NYT, sound + images, b/w)
    * “bad” Funerals (NYT, text ++)
  24. Stephanie – Effective and Non-Effective Multimedia Stories
    * The Science  of the Spill (NYT, video) * Planes collide on Tarmac at JFK (Seattle PI, rewrite of NBC story) * Children of the Recession. (CBS, video )
    * “bad”

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