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Journalists To Follow On Twitter

Here’s the (not quite complete) list and the posts of *people* to follow. Mashable doesn’t count – neither does Time etc.


  1. @abigailbassett Abigail Bassett- CNN reporter and producer. Social media enthusiast.
  2. @abrahamhyatt (local) Abraham Hyatt – founder of Digital Journalism Portland and production editor at
  3. adamwerbach: Chief Sustainability Officer, Saatchi & Saatchi. Author of Harvard Biz book, Strategy for Sustainability. Correspondent for
  4. Anastasia Ashman who is a  Berkeley native, and  capitalizes on a countercultural upbringing, 14 years of expatriatism (Rome, Kuala Lumpur, Istanbul) and a decade in mainstream media and entertainment (NYC, LA). I think Ashman sounds very interesting has a well-rounded background and she is a cultural entertainment writer/producer. I’m very interested in becoming a producers someday and I love entertainment! Follow her @Thandelike
  5. @andersoncooper (National) Anderson Cooper- A behind the scenes look at “Anderson Cooper 360°” written by Anderson Cooper and the show’s correspondents and producers. Watch AC360° M-F at 10 p.m. ET.
  6. @andymboyle Andy Boyle- Digital developer with The New York Times Regional Media Group.
  7. @annatauzin Washington, DC-Misplaced Austinite. Journalist. Multimedia and Web geek. Web & Social Media Editor at the @JLab. 826DC Volunteer. More than a little nerdy.
  8. @AnnCurry (National) Ann Curry- News journalist and anchor NBC’s program Today
  9. @ariannahuffArianna Huffington, co-founder of The Huffington Post, has been extremely influential in the evolution of digital journalism. Something of a political celebrity, Huffington and her site have been a staples of journalism in the digital age, for better or worse, for the last several years.
  10. @caro NYC/SF-I’m a journalist covering the things that connect us in the 21st century: social media, e-commerce, entrepreneurship, and digital culture. Highbrow-despicable.
  11. Charlie Sheen – When it’s all said and done, I am convinced that there will be plenty of theses written in the world of communication academia about the contribution of Charlie Sheen to the twitterverse. Quite possibly the first globally experienced mental breakdown. And, if you hadn’t heard, he’s #winning (TM)
  12. @ckrewson (national) Chris Krewson – Editor at Also has a lot of digital journalism tweets.
  13. Cory Doctorow – Co-founder of the tech site BoingBoing. He is also a published author and blogs on issues relating to authorship in the web era on his site craphound. (what a lovely title)
  14. David Pogue – Tech columnist for the NY Times, similar to Walt Mossberg, but not as cranky.
  15. DavidSpinks: I build tools for bloggers. Co-Founder BlogDash, Scribnia, and#u30pro. Fascinated by technology’s impact on the way we interact.
  16. @drewvigal (national) Andrew DeVigal – The multimedia editor at The New York Times.
  17. @drudgeMatt Drudge, co-founder of, is one of the pioneers of digital journalism.  While I tend to disagree with Drudge’s political leanings (his site broke the dubiously relevant Lewinsky scandal), he and his site have been immensely influential in the evolution of news on the web.
  18. @emilybell (national) Emily Bell – A former news and media director of digital content and the current director of Tow Centre for Digital Journalism at Columbia University’s J School.
  19. Erin Andrews is  a “Good Morning America” correspondent and I think she is a great reporter, and that’s why I want to follow her on twitter. Follow her @ErinAndrews
  20. @FareedZakariaFareed Zakaria, editor of Time magazine, author of several books, and prolific journalist, is one of the most influential media personalities of the 21st century.
  21. @gawlowski (local) Danny Gawlowski – Video editor at The Seattle Times with a lot of digital journalism-related experience.
  22. @ggreenwald (national) Glenn Greenwald – Blogger for Author, civil rights lawyer and media critic.
  23. @gregjulian: Colonel Gregory Julian is the public affairs officer for U.S. Armed Forces in Afghanistan.  Though one can expect extreme spin velocity in Col. Julian’s tweets, I’m fascinated by this trend in military PR and think that it behooves us to know what our military has to say about their wartime operations.
  24. @gregmitch (national) Greg Mitchell – Blogger for The Nation. Author of new book about Bradley Manning (link above) and ten others. Former ed. of ‘Editor & Publisher’ & ed. at ‘Crawdaddy.’
  25. Hermonie Way is the Silicoon Valley Video Director for TNW, Founder & Techfluff.TV. I am following her because she is young and seems to know about new media and I’m interested to hear what she has to say. Follow her @hermioneway
  26. @hemantmehta: Hemant Mehta, author of the award winning, is an up-and-coming blogger in the realm of religious issues.  While not widely recognized,’s 2011 Bloggie Award positions the site as a relevant contributor to contemporary religious debate
  27. @ jaredbkeller: Associate editor for @TheAtlantic and @TheAtlanticWire. Writer, social media specialist, amateur toxophilite. I hang my hat at @LisasBookClub.
  28. JaredCohen: Director of Google Ideas and Adjunct Fellow at CFR. Author of the books Children of Jihad and One Hundred Days of Silence: America and the Rwanda Genocide
  29. @jeffjarvis (national) Jeff Jarvis – Journalism professor, author and manager of
  30. @jennihogan (Local) Jenni Hogan- An Aussie having fun on American TV on KIRO 7 CBS! 2x UW National Champion
  31. @joakimbaage Koakim Jay Baage- Founder of Viking Digital Media.
  32. John Gruber – Tech blogger. His website, Daring Fireball is like Engadget, Gizmodo, etc. without all the GIANT HEADLINES and retina burning colors.
  33. @kailanikm Boston, MA (by way of Seattle)-Web producer for @NECN. Social media obsessed. Tech and politics geek. Fascinated with watching the world change.
  34. @kanter (National) Beth Kanter- Social Media, Nonprofits, and Networks
  35. @kbest (local) Kathy Best – Managing editor at
  36. @KevGlobal (international) Kevin Anderson – Digital strategist who has worked at The Guardian and the BBC.
  37. Lauren Rozyla is a KFOX-14 News Reporter in El Paso. She went to college in downtown Chicago. She worked for over a year investigating a police shooting – uncovering facts police detectives missed. That article was eventually published in the Chicago Tribune. While in school, she also won a student Emmy for her live coverage of President Barack Obama’s campaign on election night. I want to follow Lauren because it sounds like she is very intelligent and has a lot of worldly experience. Follow her @LaurenKFOX14
  38. @Lavrusik (national) Vadrim Lavrusik – Community Manager & Social Strategist @Mashable; Prof teaching Social Media Journalism @ColumbiaJourn; Digital Journalist; @CMmeetup
  39. @maggiekb1: I first discovered Maggie Koerth-Baker when she was editing the print magazine Metal Floss(Highlights magazine for adults, essentially), to which I subscribe.  Koerth-Baker now works as the science editor for, an award-wining science and technology blog
  40. Mark Cuban – Rich owner of the Dallas Mavericks known for ticking off the NBA with his antics. Also, brilliant at self-promotion using twitter, facebook, or whatever. Did I mention he’s rich? As in he owns a 757 AND a 767 rich!
  41. @marksluckie (national) Mark S. Luckie – Author of The Digital Journalist’s Handbook and founder of the multimedia journalism blog10,000 Words. Fan of all things awesome.
  42. Nancy O’Dell is the Co-Anchor of Entertainment Tonight, the #1 syndicated magazine show. I am following her because I love everything that has to do with entertainment! Follow her at @NancyODell
  43. @noreservations Anthony Bourdain- Travel and food writer, blogger and TV personality on Travel Channel’s No Reservations.
  44. @npscottsimon (National) Scott Simon- Host of NPR’s Weekend Edition Saturday
  45. PamMktgNutHalf: marketing, half geek, CEO, entrepreneur, social media speaker, best-selling author, coach, blogger, lover of Brand, God, Family, Friends, Beach & Life!
  46. @PernilleT Copenhagen-Media innovation, journalism, social media, news
  47. @PerezHilton (National) Perez Hilton- creator and writer of one of the most famous (celebrity gossip) websites in the world.
  48. @rachelsterne ÜT: 40.719976,-74.000372 -Chief Digital Officer for NYC. @ me with your ideas for tech and NYC government.
  49. rcyoung87 : Public relations & social media, UCLA alum, history, travel, faith, politics, not necessarily in that order. Just launched my new firm, Razor Sharp PR.
  50. Scott Klein – Editor of News Applications, ProPublica. Yeah, yeah, yeah…I’m a lefty socialist commie so I actually like to read investigative news with facts – which ProPublica delivers.
  51. @TheMarketaire: I’m Brett Prince from – I’m here to listen, share, and talk about all aspects of an Internet Marketing strategy.
  52. @WatchdogDiva ÜT: 25.956432,-80.343762-Associate director of Florida Center for Investigative Reporting, and news entrepreneur based in South Florida. IRE, SEJ, EWA and NAHJ member.


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  1. padiofarty says:

    And the more of the Back of Anderson Cooper we see the better – nice one !!

  2. […] Find one article about Twitter & journalism and one about writing news stories. Write a short blog post about each article (snappy headline, summary, link to the article) and then tweet each blog post (two blog posts, two tweets). Week 2 – Journalists to Follow […]

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