Digital Journalism

COM466 – University of Washington

Local Impact on U-District Construction

My final video story is about construction that is currently going on in the U-District in preparation for the NE 45th Viaduct Project-West Approach Replacement and how it is impacting local students and residents. My goal was to bring human interest to the story so I conducted an interview with a student who got his car towed as a result of the construction on 22nd AVE NE for my video. Luckily I did not have many reporting challenges as I had plenty of access to footage of the construction because it was right outside my residence. Living in such close proximity to my story helped me find many people directly affected so I had many options of interview subjects to choose from.

I believe I met my goal of bringing human interest to a construction story by finding a someone to interview who had a unique story to tell-but also one that others could find relatable. I met my goal of incorporating many different shots in my video and I took so many photos and videos that I could not use a good portion of them.

By making this video, I got more practice using my filming and editing skills. I learned that I can now produce videos more quickly and with more ease, as I now have a basic handle on what I am doing! If I had a chance to do this project again, I would probably take shorter shots while filming the interview so the segments do not drag on as long because I feel that one of the interview scenes in my video is a little lengthy.


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