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COM466 – University of Washington

Key Arena, Post- Seattle Sonics

By Wilhelmina Hayward

This was a story idea pitched to the Seattle P-I about how the Key Arena is doing now, after the loss of Seattle’s NBA basketball team, the Seattle Sonics. There was an event being held at Key Arena, a “free-skate” event that sparked this story. So, it ties in the free event with where Key Arena is now.

There were only certain parts of Key Arena that were open, so I could only really film within the bowl area and of the rink, so it was a challenge finding b-roll that was appropriate to sync with the audio of the communications director of Seattle Center talking about how Key Arena is doing with the basketball team.

Overall, I think it was a decent blend of still photos with video. I think the still photos may be a little too vague, they’re just of the building of Key Arena, but as I said, it was difficult coming up with material for just the Key Arena aspect of the story.


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  1. Kathy,

    I thought this final project was supposed to be posted on our own blog sites, so that’s what I did earlier today. Thanks for the e-mail reminding us of where the assignment said to post it, or else I would’ve gone on thinking I completed it. Thanks again.


    Wilhelmina Hayward

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