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Baseball Game with Northgate Elementary

Soundslides production of the students at Safeco Field

I had the fortune of being invited to attend a Mariners game with Northgate Elementary 4th graders an their teacher, Zac Stowell. I knew that this would be a great opportunity to take photo’s. I wanted to capture the emotion of the kids a they attended what was, for many of them, their first baseball game.

Zac, their teacher wanted to reward his class for their hard work in preparing for the state wide fourth grade testing. The tests are four hours a day for an entire week. Pretty rigorous for nine and ten year olds. He contacted the Mariners seeking 29 tickets for he and his students. Turns out that Mariners Care, in association with Major League Baseball, run a program called the Commissioners initiative, the goal of which is to get tickets to lower income kids who may not have the opportunity to attend otherwise. Zac explained to me that more then 80 percent of his kids are at or below poverty level. The Mariners were extremely generous, giving Zac 100 tickets.

The kids had a blast, and so did I just being around them. I spent a lot of time explaining the game to kids who were unfamiliar, and telling them when to cheer. Taking pictures was fairly easy. None of the kids were camera shy. The roof closed halfway through the game, so my lighting changed dramatically. Other then that, I didn’t have much difficulty.

I think that I met my goals with this project. If I were to do it again, I might have simply taken more photos. My problem was that I was having fun with the kids, and didn’t spend as much time shooting as I had planned. Looking back, I also regret not approaching this as a video, as opposed to a soundslides project. The photos did a decent job of capturing the kids emotions, but not as well as video might have.

As far as the production of the project, it was smooth sailing. I am pretty familiar with soundslides now, and was fortunate to have no problems.

Aaron Randall


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