Digital Journalism

COM466 – University of Washington

Final project: Pearson Air Park

My video is a short profile of Pearson Air Park in Vancouver, Wash.  The Air Park is a place where people of all ages can learn about aircraft and learn how to become a pilot – some people actually complete pilot training there.  My goal for this video was to take what I learned from my previous project and add to that skills set.  I wanted to incorporate more five-shot sequences into this video and import a few still photographs into it.

The main reporting challenge for this project was simply getting good footage.  The air museum was a great place to film, but I happened to visit on a particularly crowded day, so it was hard to get shots that people weren’t walking through or clogging.  Also, the museum is located inside a big hangar, so the ambient sound was very loud and echoed, which made it a little difficult to smoothly edit in my voiceovers – but in the end it all worked out.

I think I met my goals fairly well.  I was able to get a lot of varied footage and give my audience a feel of the air park in roughly two minutes.  I did get a  couple a good sequence shots – one of an airplane, one of a child flying through a simulator and one of a pilot.  Though they weren’t the full five steps, I was able to edit my video more easily when I was thinking about the five-shot sequence during filming and filmed my subjects from different angles.  I also was able to edit in a few still photographs.

From this project, I learned how to better time my transitions and how to incorporate still photographs and give them the Ken Burns effect.  A lot of times still photographs work better than camera shots.  Considering this was only my second project ever in iMovie, I was pretty happy with my results.  If I had a chance to redo this assignment, I would use a different camera so I could use a tripod and also so when I posted my video on YouTube the footage wouldn’t be blurry.

-Katie McVicker

(video is only two minutes long, timer is off)


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