Digital Journalism

COM466 – University of Washington

Week 09 : Moving Images and Sound


  • Ethics
  • Twitter
  • Analyzing video

Monday Reading Summary:
Thinking about sources and ethics, develop five tips for reporting (citizen or “professional”) in the digital age (reading: Gilmor, Ch 9, Trolls, Spin and the Boundaries of Trust – pdf)

Ethics Discussion

notes from discussion

  • Practice common sense – for sure if it’s outlandish, check; don’t don’t forward mindlessly
  • Identify sources
  • Don’t take things out of context – interviews, quotes, sources
  • Don’t feed the trolls
  • Context – video – because people believe what they see, responsibility to stay true to essence of point being made (avoid spin)
  • Digital manipulation : don’t (example from LAT)
  • Write clearly: satire is hard to do
  • Link to sources
  • Citizen journalist might not be aware that someone pitching a story might have an agenda


  • Be skeptical
  • Publish codes of conduct (YouTube, CNN iReport)
  • Talk to friends
  • Interesting campaign – show examples of things being believed
  • Website – wikipedia-like
  • Humorous thing – ridiculous stuff the media does
  • Broadcast ad campaign about sexting (one version of media awareness and responsibility)


Analyzing Video

Rough Cuts from : Aaron (reshoot), Brian (interview, close/ups) Brianna (technical issues), Emma,  Ganelle (Ken Burns effect), Gwen (reshoot), Katie, Keala, Krista (opening, toes; closing, b/w), Liz (close-ups), Nate, Tom(framing)

  • How stories have changed from concept to this stage

Watch McCain-Palin ad “Mum” and the Obama-Biden ad “What Kind,” with the sound off.

  • What pictures or videos does the ad use to show each candidate? What are they doing? What facial expressions are they making? How does that affect how you view them?
  • What people appear in the ad, besides the candidates? What do they look like? What are they doing? Why did the campaign choose to show these people?
  • What colors are used for each candidate? What effect does that have?
  • What backgrounds does the ad use? What associations do you have with those backgrounds?

Play the ads with sound. How does hearing the audio change your interpretation?


  • By 8 am 26 May (Wednesday): blog post with (a) one to two paragraphs with a succinct summary of the story and explanation your goals; note any reporting challenges and (b) one to two paragraphs explaining how well you met your goals, what you learned doing this project, and what you would do differently if you had a chance to redo this assignment.
  • By 8 am 28 May (Friday). You must incorporate feedback from the review in the final version of your story. Upload the final cut to YouTube and link in your blog post; also create a post on this blog and include both the rough and final cuts; categorize “student projects”. There are two YouTube uploads with this assignment.

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