Digital Journalism

COM466 – University of Washington

Week 8: Moving Images and Sound

Subtitle: Telling Stories With Inexpensive Video Tools

Reality Check




(1) Read the answer to the second question in the transcript of Obama’s interview with Novaya Gazeta (2009). You are examining the claim that “we import more oil today than ever before.”

  • What was the point of Obama’s answer? Rephrase it in your own words.
  • How does the claim that “we import more oil today than ever before” support that point?
  • What reasons might Obama have to say that we import more oil than ever before?
  • What questions would you need to ask before deciding whether this claim is true or false?
  • How might you find the answers to these questions?

(2) Info on US oil imports

Thinking about the images and data (linked above)

  • Do any show that we’re importing more oil today than ever before? What do they show?
  • When did we importing the greatest amount of oil (volume)?
  • How much were we importing in the most recent week shown on the chart?
  • What’s the difference between these two values?

(3) What is your role as a journalist in verifying the claims made by those you interview?

Small Groups

  • In pairs, develop a headline and one-sentence lede for your video story. Edit your “plan” post (or write it if you haven’t done so) with this new information. If possible, do so before end of class.
  • Group project time (discussion during break between 1st and 2nd hour)


  • Wednesday for class: come to class with your video for your story and ideas for graphics. This will be a teaching lab. Resource: Mindy McAdams: Learn To Shoot Video
  • Wednesday blog post (8 am): Read Strike A Different Bargain With Online Video. Watch the clips. Blog your thoughts on these types of “video columns” – how do they fit into the future of news?
  • Monday blog post (8 am): Thinking about sources and ethics, develop five tips for reporting (citizen or “professional”) in the digital age (reading: Gilmor, Ch 9, Trolls, Spin and the Boundaries of Trust – pdf)

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