Digital Journalism

COM466 – University of Washington

Week 6 : Wednesday


  • Class Mashup
  • Examples
  • Soundslides lab
  • Guest speaker at 12.30 in 126 – Charla Bear, NPR/KPLU

Class Mashup

Examples : slideshows

Examples : video

NYT (Reuters) – Tennessee Flooding

Soundslides Lab

  • Use Photoshop (or another editor) to crop/correct your photos (no need to optimize size)
  • Use Soundslides to produce a slideshow. Here is an mp3 (2 min)
  • Upload the project files to your UW server (you cannot upload to your WordPress account). Rename “publish_to_web” to “red_square” (note case and lack of spaces) and publish in folder named com466 (lower case). [detailed instructions below]
  • Send me the link to your project no later than Fri 7 May by 6 pm

Assignment Assessment:

  • Content – Do the photos tell a story? Is the story logical (progression, relevance)? Are you giving the reader the information she needs to understand the story?
  • Bonus points for creativity, news value (your framing is critical here)
  • Extra-Credit if you use your own 2 minute audio story

Customize the slideshow as follows:

Give your project a title (headline) and credit yourself

Show captions by default; change template color to plain black.

Give Every Slide A Caption

Leave This At Default

How to publish your slideshow on the UW Dante server using FTP

You must activate web publishing! See the PDF tutorial for how to access, use SecureFTP in CMU302 lab. For this project:

  • Your web server is
  • In the “right” pane of the SFTP window, navigate to your public_html directory; create a new folder named com466 (lower case).
  • In the “left” pane of the SFTP window, navigate to the STUDENT FILES directory and find your “red square” project folder. Drag-and-drop the “Publish_to_web” folder onto the com466 folder in the right pane.
  • Rename “publish_to_web” “red_square” (note case and lack of spaces)

The link to your soundslides proof-of-concept project should be:

Assignments For Next Week

  • For Monday – Read: Ch 9 & 10 of Journalism 2.0, The problem with award-winning video journalism.
  • For Monday – Find three examples of web video news stories that you think are exemplary. Write a blog post that links to each example and explains your reasoning. Use the readings to support your arguments.
  • For Wednesday – bring about 5 min of video (may be in more than one file) to class on Wednesday – can be shot with camera phone, digital camera, Flip, etc. Goal is editing! Before class, prepare rough timeline of your footage and have a rough idea of how you plan to assemble the story.

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