Digital Journalism

COM466 – University of Washington

Week 05 : Text, Meet Still Images

Subtitle: Create Compelling (and ethical) Digital Images

What’s the difference between silent and narrated photogalleries? What about background music? And how to use Soundslides.


Lab with Kristina Bowman :


  • Group project (no class)


  • Weekly Twitter assignments
  • For Wednesday 28 April : Final Audio Assignment
    2-3 minute audio story – New story or continue refining story number 1
  • For Friday 30 April :
    Review the posts of at leasat three of your peers (your choice). Pick three photos from their “good” list where you disagree with the choice. Explain why. Make a short blog post by 8 am. Think about your reactions as you are completing the assignment for Monday.
  • For Monday 3 May: Read Chapters 7&8, Journalism 2.0 and make a short blog post by 8 am Monday (3 May) w/key take-aways. Guest speaker on Monday is Journalism 2.0 author Mark Briggs.
  • For Monday 3 May
    Everyone brings at least 40 photos of an agreed upon “subject” to class (on a USB thumb drive). We will “cull” your photos and share. Subject: “Red Square”

    • Photos taken at one time, on one day
    • The photos must focus on at least three very different things
    • At least half of the photos should contain a person or people
    • Before you shoot, please make sure the settings on your camera are for a high resolution. This is often a number such as 2345×1000. For this exercise, it is OK to shoot as a high quality JPG instead of RAW.
    • Work hard to follow the rules of composition.

Group Project Work


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