Digital Journalism

COM466 – University of Washington

Week 04 : Text, Meet Audio

Subtitle: Create Compelling Audio Stories

Thinking about sound in a text-driven world


  • Effective audio stories
  • Seattle Habitat For Humanity stories

Effective audio stories

  • Your stories (listen to Janelle for opening/integration of natural sound)
  • TIP: Use audio when you have sounds that cannot easily be described in words.
  • TIP: Use quotes when the way a person says something adds meaning (eg, emotion, pacing).
  • TIP: Think about sound when shooting photos; an audio-driven story shapes an narrated slideshow

In-class assignment:
Listen to the four clips that “follow” you alphabetically – provide feedback on the your stories blog post, one comment per story. Feedback should focus on the story and how to improve it; these comments might relate to story focus, editing, ideas for natural sound.

For Inspiration:

Seattle Habitat For Humanity : Story Ideas

In-class assignment:
Read the ideas; take notes. Small group discussion about possible themes, approaches. Each small group pitches two text/still and two audio/video stories to the group.

Discussion groups:

  • Aaron, Fereshta, Janelle
  • Brianna, Ganelle, Tom
  • Brian, Gwen, Wilhelmina
  • Emma, Krista, Nate
  • Katie, Keala, Liz

For Wednesday:

  • In preparation for final audio, assignment, blog post that (1) details what you’ve learned about audio stories (production, planning, etc) to-date and (2) contains a draft pitch for your final audio story: suggestion, think about Habitat for the story.

Final Audio Assignment
For Wednesday 28 April
2-3 minute audio story – New story or continue refining story number 1

Twitter Reminders

(1) Every Monday and Friday

(2) Five tweets each week related to course material with #com466 hashtag


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