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COM466 – University of Washington

Proof Of Concept: First Audio Story

Here are your stories. A reminder that

  • our deadlines are like newsroom deadlines
  • your audio file name should start with your first name (just like the 1st assignment)
  • your audio file must be an MP3 (just like the first assignment)

On Time (turned in by 8.30 pm) and MP3 (full credit)

  • Emma, Fereshta, Ganelle, Gwen,Katie, Keala, Krista, Nate, Wilhelmina

Less than 2 hours late (turned in 8.30 – 10 pm) or AUP file (half credit)

  • Aaron (aup), Brian, Liz (aup)

More than 2 hours late or not turned in (no credit)

  • Brianna, Janelle, Tom

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  1. […] Your stories (listen to Janelle for opening/integration of natural sound) […]

    • amr37 says:

      Brian-I thought your story had good tempo and pace. You could use background noise. I would give the first and last name of your interviewee when introducing him. The story also needs a conclusion/wrap-up at the end.

    • amr37 says:

      Brianna-I thought that your interviewee had good things to say, and sounded relaxed. i would focus on making this into a story, rather then an interview. Use narration to introduce the subject and the story, and pull quotes to use along the way.

    • amr37 says:

      Emma-I liked the pace of your story, and the sound levels of you and the interviewee matched well. I would use more narration throughout the story to set up your interviewees audio clips.

  2. mcvicker says:

    Keala, I really liked how you narrated your story. It was very easy to follow, and the tone of your voice was relaxed and nice to listen to. I also thought it was very wise to tell listeners about your blog at the end. It would be cool to add in bee buzzing sounds if you had access to that kind of recording equipment, but as is, I think the story is great.

  3. ganasn says:

    Wilhelmina- very interesting topic, would have liked to hear more about why he thought it was so safe. Also The background info ran a little long for me.

  4. brisue says:

    Emma: I liked the use of ambient sound, in fact in the future, I wonder if it could have been used more than once?

  5. gswehla says:

    Gwen: Nice work! Interesting concept, I very much enjoyed the ending music, very happy. However,a Fade at the end would have been lovely, just so the music didn’t pop in abruptly.

  6. emmalinemc says:

    Fereshta- You’re story is very cohesive with good transitions. From a technical standpoint though, perhaps if you could have recorded the interview in a quieter place you wouldn’t have gotten that background murmur.

  7. imogenj says:

    I like your transitions! It makes the story flow really well. The pace of your narration is also nice. Maybe including the fencing sounds earlier in the story with some of the transitions would have been better.

  8. gswehla says:

    Janelle: I enjoyed this story, as pointed out in class before you arrived, the use of natural trumpet sounds was fantastic. The ending was a bit abrupt and loud, a fade in/out would have made it perfect.

  9. Krista — the overall “flow” of your story was well done. The way you transitioned your voice overs with the extracted clips were seamless. I guess one suggestion I have is to add more of a buffer of time between cut clips to clearly distinguish between the change in voice. Otherwise great piece.

  10. emmalinemc says:

    Ganelle- Nice story, you obviously know a lot about the subject and had some nicely scripted voiceovers. My advice would be to slow down your speech to make it easier to follow, and maybe work on the technical aspect as the volume and tone of your voice changes from clip to clip.

  11. mcvicker says:

    Krista, I think you did a good job of integrating your narration with the quotes. What you said led in really nicely to what your interviewee was saying. I liked that you added in music at the end, it would have been cool to put it at the beginning as well to link the beginning and the ending.

  12. gswehla says:

    McVicker: Very solid story. I like the sound at the end, I am assuming this is fencing. Placing it at the beginning would have been nice too. As a whole, good work, sound levels were great.

  13. ganasn says:

    Brian- Cool to see it more from the guys side of things. Some of the narrations and quotes didn’t match up for me all the way. The last bit you said it brought them closer but the story he told didn’t model that idea for me very well. That quote is great and should still be used, but tie it in a little differently I think.

  14. nomanf says:

    Ganelle, Very nice content. I was interested in the topic the whole time. BTW, you have an incredible audio voice. The only thing I would say is that you were speaking a little too fast. Other than that, great job.

  15. brisue says:

    Fereshta: I liked your different topic introductions. They made for more understanding for the listener. However, I wonder if making the audio seem more like a conversation would make the transitions smoother?

  16. Liz Lantz says:

    Nate (wage freeze). This was a very heady topic, so good job taking it on! My recommendations would be to even out the volume of your voice and your interviewee’s voice through the “amplify” option (I can relate…I had a similar problem). Also, you might want to break it up with more narration from you. Great job!

  17. gswehla says:

    Kaela: Good flow. Nice narration and the sound levels were great. Transitions were a bit iffy, but nice work.

  18. Brian – engaged couples moments leading up to their wedding:

    The transitions between the narration and interview. It was difficult to notice the difference in background noise (I know, cause I didn’t do a good job of that)

    I liked how you started with a more general narration of the stressful times that test an engaged couple before they get married, then narrowed it down with a specific example and using them as support for that claim.

    I did think the ending kind of abrupt, I wasn’t expecting it to end at that moment with the interviewee.

  19. nomanf says:

    Gwen, the audio was put together very well. I think your transitions needed a little more work, maybe more specific questions. Also, I noticed you were saying “mhmm” while the person was speaking. Try avoiding that. Overall, the music, the introduction, and the content was very nice.

  20. imogenj says:

    I like your topic choice. It’s something that few people are knowledgable about so it’s easy to hold your audiences attention. I also liked that she described the taste of the honey, it makes the story more relatable.

  21. brian.farn says:

    Brianna – I think that an intro would have helped the listener focus more quickly on what the interviewee was describing, although it does become apparent shortly into the interview. But good job in not narrating much as the subject describes in detail how he became a journalist/professor. Lastly, the end was a little abrupt; would be nice to have your voice say a sentence or two, perhaps on where he sees journalism going. Good story.

  22. emmalinemc says:

    Gwen- This piece definitely has some personality which is nice, the music was a fun touch. Maybe it could have been edited to be more of an audio story than a straight interview; let the speaker tell the story and you can use voice-over to provide context.

  23. Liz — You have an excellent voice for voiceovers. Your pace and intonations were just right. Also the presentation tone made the story come across as credible and serious (that’s just my personal thought). Overall, I feel like this is a pretty solid piece, maybe if you tried adding some sound in relation to your story, it could help further support your story.

  24. ganasn says:

    Brianna- There’s good content here, but I think more narration to help the reader understand exactly what the story is would have been nice. Also try to keep your own “yeas” to a minimum (I did it a lot too).

  25. Liz Lantz says:

    Wilhemina (medical marijuana). Wow, great interviewee “get,” with lots of great sound bites. And it is a really timely topic. When I did my interview, I had a hard time fitting in “natural” sound into the time limit, but I bet both you and I would benefit from it. Also, next time you may want to try livening up your voice for the narration. Anyway, very interesting piece.

  26. mcvicker says:

    Liz, I really liked how you introduced your subject by talking about waiting for the interview. Your story was very relevant and timely, which is nice. I liked that it was more of a news story. It would be cool if you could have added sounds like a police siren, cackling fire, or students yelling/laughing at the beginning.

  27. nomanf says:

    Janelle, I really liked how you put the music in the beginning and end. I think it would have been more effective if the music in the beginning was a little shorter though. The content overall was interesting. Good transitions.

  28. imogenj says:

    Your narration was very smooth. The music at the end of the clip didn’t seem like it fit though. Other than that it was a solid piece.

  29. brian.farn says:

    Emma – Good introduction to the story. I like the background sowing sound and all the voices are very clear and simple to understand. Good ending. Good story.

  30. emmalinemc says:

    Janelle- As said in class, your use of music in the beginning and end is great. My only advice is to work on the technical aspects, such as making volume more even and making sure there isn’t any background noises where you don’t want them.

  31. brisue says:

    Ganelle, I really liked how your audio flowed together. Your quotes, like, “The most miserable sports city in the country? That was so two years ago,” added a level of entertainment quality to your piece. I was wondering if for ambient sound you could end with a crowd cheering possibly? Great job!

  32. Liz Lantz says:

    Brian (engagement). Smart idea, because this is the prep time for June weddings. I think that any story about a couple though needs both voices on there. Also, if it is in the time limit, try adding a summarizing statement at the end. Anyway, I like the talking point about sales pressure during registration, because this adds something new to the topic of wedding planning that I had not anticipated. Nice piece.

  33. Gwen Davis says:


    Your story was interesting, though the sound quality of the two voices could have been better. About the actual story.. I am not sure about celebrating the fact that people are poor and are in fiscal crisis.

  34. nomanf says:

    Katie, I liked the organization of the story except it would have been nice if you put the fencing soundtrack in the beginning as well. Also, you seemed a little shy. Speak up more. I really liked the overall content and organization though. It was nice. Good job.

  35. Nate — Interesting topic and well put together introduction. One suggestion would be to play with your sound levels a little more. Possibly increasing the overall sound volume as well as individually increasing the sound of your interviewee as her voice is much quieter.

  36. ganasn says:

    Emma- Natural sound was an awesome addition albeit a little bit randomly placed. I liked the story that was being told, my only suggestion would be to try for more voice fluctuation in your own narration.

  37. mcvicker says:

    Nate, I liked the topic of your story. I think it was an interesting angle because most people haven’t looked at the wage issue from that perspective. I would have like to have more of your narration. The quotes from your interviewee seemed pretty long.

  38. Gwen Davis says:


    I very much enjoyed your story. The audio was perfectly clear. It was also compelling how the story was not an interview; rather, your telling of the narrative, combined with the interviewees description of fencing.

  39. Brianna – Professor Kielbowicz’s move to Washington:

    I liked how the setting seemed intimate, like a friendly conversation between a couple of friends.

    I think at times it was hard understanding what the professor was answering, but his talk about moving to Washington in the end made it tie together well. Maybe could have used narration instead of straight conversation, unless that was the style attempted.

  40. brian.farn says:

    Fereshta – Important piece to explore. Your voice comes out clear, slow, easy to understand. While there is no outro, I think the interviewee sums it up nicely.

  41. Liz Lantz says:

    Brianna (a life in newspaper). I like that you made a really personal piece, telling a life story. You did an artful intro that included the mention of the interviewees name a little farther into the piece, but it was a little too long, so I was lost. Also, next time you do an interview, try not responding as you would normally in a conversation (the laughing “oh”s or “yeah”s can cover up the audio). Also, I think some narration could have added to it feeling like a journalistic piece. Thanks for covering something that is so helpful to us in Digital Journalism!

  42. Gwen Davis says:


    I enjoyed how your story had such an original topic! I would never think of honey. Other, the digital audio was perfectly clear and professional. I enjoyed how your interviewee played into your narrative, while also providing a personal aspect. Really nice job!

  43. Emma – Craft Cult

    The content was interesting and the interviewee was a good source, the only thing is it sounds like she’s sometimes mumbling.

    I like the background sound of the sewing machine (?) leading into the same interviewee, but a more animated one.

    Nice plug at the end.

  44. imogenj says:

    Your introduction seemed a little bit long to me, but sound quality of your narration is very clear. The background noise in the actual interview part of the clip is a little loud. It seems like you narrated more than the police officer talked though. There was a lot of background information you had to include but it would have been nice to get more of it in quote form from the officer if possible. Overall though, the story was an intriguing insight into the way that police officers view themselves as role models.

  45. amr37 says:

    Fereshta- i liked your topic, it is very interesting. You did a great job of narrating throughout the story. i think that your story could definitely benefit from the use of background noise.

  46. brian.farn says:

    Ganelle – Interesting story, very nice transitions. Very professional, good research and relevant clips.

  47. kstaud21 says:

    Nate’s audio- I found the introduction and conclusion portions of the story (that portions Nate narrated) to be strong in how they shaped the story. His conclusion wrapped up the story nicely. I feel the part where his interview subject speaks could have been broken up with some of his own narrations, as listening to one person speak for a long portion of time can cause the listener to lose interest. Aside from that the story was interesting!

    Liz’s audio- Your story sounded very professional and you have a strong voice for audio! I really enjoyed listening to your story and even though the topic you chose has received a lot of recent media attention, you found new aspects to cover. There is a large section of blank audio at the end of your story that you might not have realized.

    Wilhelmina’s audio- Your interview subject and topic was unique and kept the listener interested. I would work on providing a more encompassing introduction and conclusion instead of just staring and ending the story.

    Brian’s audio- I like the personal aspect of your story and how you gave the listener a glimpse into the interviewee’s life. At the beginning of your story that is a shuffling sound you could edit out and throughout the story there are a few transitions you could smooth out by editing out unnecessary sounds. You could also edit out the “um” starting out the interview with your interviewee. Having a narrated conclusion might help end the story as well.

  48. Wilhelmina — First of all, great relevant topic to current issues facing washington and many states. I think you presented the topic in a sophisticated manner which is important because many people who support medical marijuana are not always the ones that should be presented in the media. I think your transitions were good, the only suggestion would be to level off your individual clips. Your interviewee’s volume could be increased a bit as I found myself upping and lowering the volume between you and your interviewee. Overall, this was a solid clip.

  49. brisue says:

    Gwen, I appreciated the subject you tackled in such a short audio piece. I thought you were able to gather some revealing content. I only would suggest to try to prevent yourself from using “hm” to agree with the subject you’re interviewing. If you can smile instead to acknowledge what they are saying, that helps.

  50. mcvicker says:

    Wilhelmina, I think your topic was really great. It was very interesting. My only suggestions would be to try and match the sound levels a little more. The speaker had a “booming” voice. Also, for audio, it can be a little confusing to listen and be able to comprehend such complex terminology.

  51. mcvicker says:

    Aaron, I think your topic was good, very unique. However, the sound quality was kind of poor. The fuzziness made it a little hard to pay attention to what the speakers were saying.

  52. mcvicker says:

    Brian, I thought your topic was cute. I liked the wedding idea and the clip about the towels. Your voice was very clear and easy to listen to. I would only suggest adding a closing narration at the end.

  53. mcvicker says:

    Brianna, your interviewee sounded interesting and fun. I think I would add an introduction and maybe make it more of a story with narration and quotes rather than just straight Q&A.

  54. kstaud21 says:

    Aaron- The background sound is a little too loud and distracts from the story. You have a good story line and your narration fits nicely with the clips from the interviewee.

    Brianna- You might want to put a few blank seconds before your story starts. Consider introducing the interviewee at the beginning of your story and wrapping the story up with a narrated conclusion. I like how you chose an interview subject who was easy to listen to.

    Emma- I enjoyed your use of natural sound as a transition between segments when your interviewee was talking. Your story had a nice flow with your narrated introduction and conclusion.

    Fereshta- Your voice is very soothing! The use of background music was incorporated smoothly. I would suggest that you add a brief conclusion or at least a few more seconds of background noise so the story doesn’t end exactly when your interview subject stops talking.

  55. amr37 says:

    Wilhemina- interesting story, you got great dialogue from your interview. I would add an intro to your story, and some background/ambient sound. Nice work.

  56. amr37 says:

    Nate- I thought your story was very good. the narrating fits in nicely. At times the interviewee is difficult to hear. I would add some appropriate background sound.

  57. amr37 says:

    Keala- Great story, very unique. I can’t think of too many things you can improve on. Maybe introduce your interviewee (title, position) and incorporate some background noise-bees buzzing etc…

  58. amr37 says:

    Katie-You did a great job narrating this piece. I like the sound at the end, and I would consider leading in with this sound as well. Good sound quality.

  59. ganasn says:

    Fereshta- Awesome story and your interviewee did a great job. Your narrations were very informative and offered great segways. Only thing I’d recommend is to try to vary your voice, it got a little bit monotone at times.

  60. ganasn says:

    Ganelle- Loved the flow of the story, went from point to point very fluidly. There was a major voice change at one point in your narration that could have been smoothed out, but overall a great story.

  61. ganasn says:

    Gwen- Really interesting topic and I like how you turned it into something more like a radio talk show than a story. There were some rough transitions between you asking the questions and his answers, but just a minor problem in a good clip.

  62. ganasn says:

    Janelle- The trumpet was a cool addition. Might consider using a different mic next time to cut down on the some of the feedback in your narration and there was a little bit of deadspace in the conversation that can be cleaned up. Liked the topic though.

  63. nomanf says:

    Keala, Very interesting topic and the audio was really well done. Only thing I would say is that the transitions were a little confusing. Other than that, I really loved the topic and u edited very well.

  64. nomanf says:

    Krista, The intro was really nice and informative although I got confused when the it changed to the other voice. I wish you gave a clearer intro. Other than that it was an awesome and informative piece. The sound quality was great.

  65. nomanf says:

    Liz, I like the introduction and the audio is clear. I think it would have been much nicer if you made the questions simpler so the audience can understand better. Other than that, this piece was really nice. Job well done.

  66. nomanf says:

    Nate, Really good content but the quality of the audio is a little bad. It was a little difficult to hear it. But your content was great.

  67. batchelert says:

    I really KRISTA’s “flow”. Voiceovers were integrated almost seemlessly

  68. batchelert says:

    Love Gwen’s opening. Makes you want to keep listening.

  69. batchelert says:

    Liz – really good content but WAY too quiet!! :)

  70. batchelert says:

    Ganelle – really well articulated. Very clear and easy on the ears. Only problem was the small difference in voice levels.

  71. brian.farn says:

    Gwen, your personality definitely comes out in this piece more so than just doing a narrated story. Only thing is to clean up the transitions a little more, sometimes I can hear a new sentence beginning but then it’s cut to move into a new segment. Also, I think fads would work well with the music leading into and out-of your show.

  72. gswehla says:

    Wilhemina: I liked to story, I agree with what was said earlier the background is somewhat long other than that great job.

  73. gswehla says:

    Liz: I like it, but the sound levels are a bit off. We did go over this in class Wednesday so that should help.

  74. gswehla says:

    Krista: Nice job, the narration is great. Maybe better fitting or smoother flowing music to end

  75. brian.farn says:

    Janelle, I think a fad into and fad out of the intro trumpet segment would work well. Perhaps increase the volume of the interviewee a little bit. But very well done story, good questions/content. Your voice comes out very clear. Good work.

  76. gswehla says:

    Nate: Wow talk about a topic . . . It very difficult to hear some of the audio though, so maybe clean that up a little bit.

  77. brian.farn says:

    Katie, good sound levels throughout. Nice work to include how to get into fencing. Only thing is to maybe put that fencing sound bite somewhere in the middle.

  78. brian.farn says:

    Keala, good work to cover something that not many people know about. Both you and the interviewee have good clear voices.

  79. imogenj says:

    I like your story idea, its relevant to a lot of people instead of just human interest oriented like many of the stories. The sound quality on the interviewee isn’t perfect…there’s a lot of fuzzy background noise.

  80. imogenj says:

    The quotes from the interviewee in the beginning are pretty short, maybe because he wasn’t really speaking in full sentences, but it sounds a little strange.
    I like your transitions though, but there are some unintended subtle mic noises that you’re probably aware of and fixing already!

  81. imogenj says:

    I love the flowing water and bird noises in the background! It might be better in the beginning if you put the sounds on a separate track from your narration, if that’s not hot it already is. Your narration sounds a little distant.

  82. imogenj says:

    I think an intro to your story would help. It’s a little confusing when the interviewee gets into a story telling flow right off the bat. The story also ends pretty abruptly. The story feels like it needs a little more structure to it, maybe more informative transitions so that his quotes can fill in the details.

  83. Liz Lantz says:

    Aaron (salmon story): The inclusion of such rich natural sounds really lends your story to audio, so good story choice and sound sampling! I think that the story could be more pleasant to listen to, if the background track was softer or only sampled in parts (not sure if you recorded them separately). Also, I was at times straining to hear your interviewee. But I did really love the inclusion of the website at the end, and I will use this tip for myself (“for more information…”). Good job.

  84. Liz Lantz says:

    Emma (DIY crafting)
    I’d love a little more story framing at the beginning, and an overall quicker pace. Perhaps editing down the interviewee’s time and adding more narration? I couldn’t get a sense of what the “issue” of the story was, or if it was a personal story. Perhaps state this? Also, the (lawnmower?) sound seemed out of place without some sort of tighter reference, with all of the talking of blogging, etc. BUT, that inclusion was great. As Tim Gun would say, “Make it work!” :) Your story also left me wanting more, which is great, so it was smart to include a way to learn more.

  85. Liz Lantz says:

    Fereshta (racism on campus): Racism is a huge topic, so congrats on picking something so important and controversial. I’m sure from our class discussions you know about adding more ambi and natural sound. Like my story, heady topics are a little harder to do this with…perhaps the sound of students in Odegaard? Or wherever your interview took place? Also, as personal feedback, I have rarely seen racism on campus, so perhaps another interview with more anecdotal evidence is required…we need more explanation. Racism may not be as obvious when walking between classes, but I am not saying it is not there. Perhaps another interview with a psych prof, about how we subtley communicate with each other? (or…if it is not so subtle, say so! :) Also, you might want to end the story with your voice. Best of luck!

  86. Liz Lantz says:

    Fereshta (racism on campus): Racism is a huge topic, so congrats on picking something so important and controversial. I’m sure from our class discussions you know about adding more ambi and natural sound. Like my story, heady topics are a little harder to do this with…perhaps the sound of students in Odegaard? Or wherever your interview took place? Also, as personal feedback, I have rarely seen racism on campus, so perhaps another interview with more anecdotal evidence is required…we need more explanation. Racism may not be as obvious when walking between classes, but I am not saying it is not there. Perhaps another interview with a psych prof, about how we subtly communicate with each other? (or…if it is not so subtle, say so! :) Also, you might want to end the story with your voice. Best of luck!

  87. Liz Lantz says:

    Ganelle (the state of sports):
    Obviously this is a piece in transition, as it ended abruptly. But where you are going is really interesting, and it has tons of great content. I want to point out that the narration at the end of the story is not only different in the sound of your voice, but in your story tone: like the phrase “so 2 years ago…” (which was super fun and great) is very different from the original journalistic tone. So you may want to think about streamlining your story. In class we have talked about ambi sound, and it would be great if you could somehow go to a Husky practice or something to get it…the sounds of future victory. Anyway, great job.

  88. emmalinemc says:

    Katie: You’re use of sound was really nice and went well with your topic. I aso felt you had soe really great transitions which made the flow very listenable.

    Keala: Great story topic! My only suggestion would be to add some more ambient noises that relate.

    Krista: You’re narration is very nice and acts as a nice transition through out your story. Maybe trying using sounds as transitions as well.

    Liz: This sounds very professional to me, good work! Maybe if you added some more ambient sounds it would spice it up.

  89. Gwen Davis says:

    Brian, while your story is an interesting topic, I could not make out nearly half of the conversation. I did not even get what your hatchery’s name was.

    Also, was that running water in the background? That would have been a strong addition to your story, but it was overall, likewise, too fuzzy.

    But, your style of story telling is great! Just get a better recorder next time, and your audio will be awesome! :-)

  90. Gwen Davis says:

    Brian, not you, I meant Aaron!! Sorry, my bad.

  91. Gwen Davis says:

    Brianna, interesting interviewing a professor! Your questions, though especially the first one, I could not hear all that well. Also, I was not sure of the story. Was it supposed to be: started out working at his college paper, and then becoming a journalism professor?

    Much stronger context would have been nice.

  92. Gwen Davis says:

    Emma, I am unfamiliar with DIY culture.. I finally fully understood what your story was about only near the end.

    However, the audio played beautifully. You had points that were the volume was higher and lower, but overall, it sounded very nice! :-)

  93. Gwen Davis says:

    Brian, haha, wonderful story!! I really liked the part about the towels! That was way too funny. Very colorful person you interviewed! :-)

    The only improvement I would suggest, would be to create a conclusion.

    Otherwise, hahahaha!! So funny! Towels! Best one I’ve heard from the class! :-)

  94. Gwen Davis says:

    Fereshta, your story is fantastic!! Awesome subject; great quotes. And bringing up everything from Affirmative Action, to athletes on campus, to the Civil Rights Acts of the ’60s, to Obama’s election — summed up some of the most compelling points of racism today.

    Also, the tone was perfectly on key. Your voice in contrast to his, was great. Yours lower, more subtle; and his louder, a little more from a distance — brought diversity to the audio, which was soothing to the ear.

    You had tiny segments where nothing was playing; maybe try to cut those out in the future.

    Wonderful audio!! :-)

  95. Gwen Davis says:

    Ganelle, you were talking a little bit fast.

    It’s good to get lots of information in the clip, but perhaps choose fewer issues on which to focus Then you may haven been able to talk slower. People always usually talk even in audios/videos, so that everyone can comprehensibly hear, while not having to strain.

    Otherwise, though, great topic and good interviewee! The clip showed great passion :-)

  96. Gwen Davis says:

    Janelle, nice story about a trumpet player, since you were able to get that beautiful soundbite in. The conversation though, was very hard to hear and fuzzy.

    Though a story on a musical performer is perfect, since it naturally has inspiring and uplifting sound to go along!

  97. Gwen Davis says:

    Krista, nice clip. The audio was clear and on tone. I felt the interviewer should have perhaps asked questions that were a bit longer? .. The interviewee was talking and talking, though it may have been a nice break for the ear to have more interviewer, instead of nearly one voice the whole clip.

    Though, great job! I also like the music at the end! :-)

  98. Gwen Davis says:

    Liz, you have given me the greatest idea:

    For my next clip, I am going to put it in the first-person, make it about me. Personally. What I learn and gather.

    I’m soo glad I listened to your audio!! :-)

    (The sound tone and interviews of your clip were good, as well.)

  99. brisue says:

    Janelle, I really like your integration of sound and content in your clip. I think that it could be enhanced by a fade out at the end. Also, I think a few seconds of pause at the beginning with no sound could be effective as well.

  100. brisue says:

    Katie- I thought your narration and replies from your subject were integrated very smoothly. I thought that in a short audio clip you were able to incorporate a great deal of content. I think it could be nice to have the ambient sound of fencing at the beginning as well. However, I was very impressed by your piece.

  101. brisue says:

    Keala- I appreciate your introduction. You framed the story to provide the audience with a great understanding of the issue. You also introduced your subject effectively as well. I also liked that you provided a website. It answered the “what now?” question. Obviously the sound of bees could be cool in your story, but I am not sure how accessible this would be unless you could access it online. Anyway, good work!

  102. brisue says:

    Krista, I liked your transitions between narrating and the interview. I also liked the conclusion with your name as a reporter and the included music, it sounded very professional. The only improvement that I see is possibly a more interesting introduction to your subject? But I really like your piece!

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