Digital Journalism

COM466 – University of Washington

Week 03 : Wednesday

Today’s Agenda

  • Thinking about what makes a good audio story
  • RSS In Plain English
  • Editing lab
  • Thinking about what makes a good audio story

Good Audio Stories

  • Pacing important – multiple sources help this
  • Engaging on emotional/humanistic level
  • Stories need to lend themselves to audio (music is very appropriate)
  • Varied voice, not monotone
  • Well-thought out structure (flow)
  • Interesting interviewee
  • Quotes that paint a picture
  • Natural sound can evoke feeling of being in place – consider explaining the sound

Lab: Assignment purposes:

(1) To acquaint you with the challenges of finding good sound bites.

(2) To acquaint you with a way to convert files from any web-enabled computer, using Zamzar. Now, if you find yourself in the field or having to use someone else’s computer to transmit files, you know how to convert to an MP3.

(3) To acquaint you with a way to “email” large files to people — other than sending as an attachment. Why are large attachments “bad” or “poor etiquette”?

Lab Assignments:

1. Editing

  • Take your sound file … and “clip” 2-3 good quotes. Make each its own file. Name them like this: scott_clip_1, scott_clip_2, etc.
  • Export from Audacity to WAV
  • Covert to MP3 with Zamzar
  • Put the three MP3s into one folder; zip it (compress)
  • Use YouSendIt to send me a link to the zipped file (if you don’t know how to zip, then attach all three to the YouSendIt form)

2. Brainstorming

  • Share story idea with your small group – see what questions they raise

3. Compilation

  • Script intro, outro, transitions
  • Record
  • Compile

Final story : 2-4 minutes due Sunday at 8 pm

For Monday:



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