Digital Journalism

COM466 – University of Washington

Week 03 : Newsprint, Meet Multimedia

Subtitle: Picking The Medium That Best Tells The Story

How do we “tell a story” in hyperspace? What multimedia tools are at our disposal? We’ll start with audio.


  • Assignment summary
  • Recommended Twitter accounts (show how to hyperlink, make a bulleted list)
  • Blogs : hyperlinks, categories, illustrations, design
  • NewsU reports (10 of 15): Aaron, Brian, Fereshta, Gwen, Janelle, Katie, Keala, Krista, Liz, Nate

What Is Multimedia?

Twitter Demo

For Wednesday : Editing Lab

  • Bring recording of an interview you’ve conducted – about five (5) minutes at least 10 minutes (on any subject) on a USB stick;  also remember to bring your headphones (ear buds ok). You will lose points if the interview is too long or too short. You will lose points if the sound is poor (muddy, noisy, difficult to understand what the interviewee is saying; hard to pay attention to because of distracting noise). You will lose points if you have not interviewed your subject in a professional manner and/or if the interview is not about an interesting topic or if the answers sound rehearsed or as those the interviewee is reading his or her answers. In other words, this has to be a real interview.
  • Bring a rough transcript of the interview. Note questions, key quotes – mark the time!

Weeks 4-10: Twitter Assignment for remainder of the quarter :

  • Follow an additional five people each week; blog post by 8 am Monday telling us who, why. Should be *people* not news organizations but can be new media sites like ReadWriteWeb (although you are supposed to already be following RWW!). Posts due Monday of Weeks 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Each Friday, tweet these five as a #followFriday tweet (does not count as one of the five tweets for the week).
  • Post at least five tweets/week (tweets due weeks 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 – a week is Sunday-Saturday, for example, Week 4 is 18 April-25 April )

Audio Resources

Blog Resources


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One Response

  1. kegill says:

    Multimedia notes:

    * Give the viewer options
    * An audio or video story should provide new information or a different point of view, not simply repeat what is in the textual story
    * Ads – disconnect between ads and content can be jarring

    * National Geographic – freshwater
    * Nadia (lost girl in FL)
    * Seniors for Sale (Seattle Times)
    * Health Care package (NYT)

    Audio – Take-Aways from Poynter
    * Importance of planning and dry-run
    (batteries, equipment check, questions)
    * Position equipment well
    * Ask open-ended questions to elicit full sentences
    * “Voice”
    * Be careful with “s” and “p”
    * Show don’t tell (Kathy)
    * Production: tension between narration/interview
    * Layer sound: natural/interviewee/narrator

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