Digital Journalism

COM466 – University of Washington

Week 02 : Wednesday

Today’s Agenda:

Poynter NewsU

Wednesday: Multimedia

WordPress In-Class

From last week: Change the design (Appearance->themes) Experiment! Be sure your design shows this minimum set of sidebar widgets. You can change the elements in the sidebars by playing around with the widgets.

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Twitter In-Class

Group Project : Monday

Before Class Monday:

  • Four more tweets related to class. Remember your hashtags!
  • Create an account at NewsU(niversity). Complete This NewsU Tutorial: Telling Stories With Sound. You will need to send the “course report” to me – kegill [at] Complete this by 8 am on Monday
  • Reading: What Is A MultiMedia Story. Blog post with three examples of “good” news site multimedia and three examples of “bad” news site multimedia – specific multimedia stories, please! Explain your choices. Categorize post as assignment. Complete this by 8 am on Monday. For example

BRIAN: I also viewed an online video by the NYT on the military drawdown of Iraq in an effort to send more vehicles to Afghanistan. This video ran over three minutes but it was better to look at a story through sound/video than just straight text. (Kathy -> why?)

Amid Thaw, Obama Talk With Chinese Leader
The Iraq Drawdown and Afghan Buildup
Everyman on Everest



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