Digital Journalism

COM466 – University of Washington

Week 02 – One-Way Journalism, Meet Social Media

Subtitle: Virtual Communities and Online Social Networks

News and journalism are changing due to technology, economics and reader/producer role changes. What types of news forms are emerging in today’s social digital environment?

Today’s Agenda:

  • Housekeeping (review assignments completed – media consumption survey: only half completed – reading: only half completed; absent: Brian, Tom, Wilhelmina)
  • Practicing comments (preparing for today’s discussion)
    Read this week’s reading posts (from the link above) and comment as follows (students 1-4, students 5-8, students 9-12, students 13-15)
  • Web 2.0: Blogging & Twitter

Blogging and Twitter

To start, follow one another as well as:

  1. @kegill_uw (optional: @kegill
  2. @digidave (national)
  3. @hrheingold (national)
  4. @markbriggs (local)
  5. @moniguzman (local)
  6. @timoreilly (national)
  7. @westseattleblog (local)
  8. @nytimes (national)
  9. @foxnews (national)
  10. @journalismnews (international)

Before Class Wednesday

  • Find and follow an additional 10 people related to digital journalism : this means that everyone should be following a minimum of 35 accounts by class on Wednesday (10 + 15 + 10)
  • Blog post with the 10 accounts you are following with a short explanation of who they are / why (feel free to copy/paste bio if it contains all relevant info). Category: assignment; tag: Twitter, journalism. Example post.
  • Find one article about Twitter & journalism – blog it and tweet it; find one article about the future of journalism – blog it and tweet it. This can be one blog post (if you can write a good headline that encompasses both) but it needs to be two tweets. Category: assignment; tag Twitter, journalism. Example 1Example 2.
  • Tweets should include our hashtag: #com466
  • REMINDER: I’ll be in CMU302 on Wed at 11 am to run the Poynter NewsU webinar on finding a job in journalism.


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