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The iPad and “Journalism”

Time magazine ran a personal essay on Sunday entitled “Will the Apple iPad Save Journalism – A New User Reports” (as the title in the title tag) but headlined “Me and My iPad, The First 24 Hours.” The headline is a more accurate reflection of the content than the link bait title, although the author (the news director of both TIME and does address the question towards the end of the essay.

The iPad is much, much bigger than the Touch, and like the Touch only partially abled when away from wi-fi (a version of the iPad that connects to AT&T’s 3G network will ship in about a month). But the extra real estate does make a difference. The Touch was convenient. The iPad is intimate. Its weight, though only about a pound and a half, gives it gravity and a sense that it should be more than simply useful.


On the iPad, magazines — in their electronic manifestation — get to be real magazines again, incarnated without paper. The iPad makes the electronic magazine something you get your hands on, something you can play with. Look at the fantabulous app from Popular Science in which each story is a wonderland that you can scroll and push and pull, moving overlay and text and stories around like a jigsaw puzzle. Sometimes you can’t tell advertisement from original content — and I mean this in a good way. Nothing really intrudes on the experience. If you don’t like what you see, swipe it away. But if it does interest you, you can be sure there’s something you can touch to lead you deeper into a whole new world.



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