Digital Journalism

COM466 – University of Washington

Week 01 : Wednesday

Introduction and Framing
Subtitle: Getting Past The Doom and Gloom

Today’s Agenda

  • Multimedia
  • Reading discussion
  • Student blogs
  • Skills assessment and goals
  • Add students to course blog
  • More WordPress


Reading Discussion

  1. Aaron
  2. Brian
  3. Brianna – no post
  4. Emma
  5. Fereshta – exemplary
  6. Janelle – no post
  7. Ganelle
  8. Gwen – exemplary
  9. Katie – exemplary
  10. Keala
  11. Krista
  12. Liz – exemplary (note “more” and image w/credit)
  13. Nate
  14. Tom – exemplary (note selective quotation)
  15. Wilhelmina – no post


  • Write meaningful headlines (SEO)
  • Categorize posts (many were left uncategorized)
  • Change your WordPress design from the default!

Pair and discuss:

  • How these essays differ (form, not content)
  • Three most important points all future journalists need to know
  • In WordPress workshop: comment on the two readings “surrounding” your name (link before & after, above)

Skills Assessment and Goals

  • Post/edit online stories
  • Supplement text with photos, video
  • Audio, blogging, photo, video production skills
  • Video, video, video :-)
  • Understand this transition
  • Meaningful reporting
  • Have fun!

Survey results (requires Kathy to login)

WordPress Workshop

(1) Create the following categories (posts –> categories). We will be categorizing all of our blog entries

  • Assignment
  • Reading

Now change the Wednesday reading post from “assignment” to “reading”. (Kathy demos)

(2) Writing your posts

  • How to single-space
  • How to insert image
  • How to insert poll
  • Visual v HTML views

(3) Additional Customization

Edit the existing comment (Comments) by unapproving the existing comment. How does this change the appearance of the administration page? How does it change the appearance of the blog post?

Edit the blogroll (Links)

  • Add links to 2-3 of your favorite websites.

Add these the links (copy & paste!)

Change the design (Appearance->themes) Experiment! Be sure your design shows this minimum set of sidebar widgets. You can change the elements in the sidebars by playing around with the widgets.

  • Archives
  • Categories
  • Links (the blogroll)
  • Pages
  • Recent comments
  • Recent posts

Assignments for Monday:

  1. Media Consumption Survey
    Keep a journal of your normal “news” consumption habits for three days (TH, FR, SA) by publishing a blog post at the end of each day. (You may want to start a draft early in the day and update it as the day goes on. Or you may prefer to make notes on paper. Whatever works for you!) In the blog post, write about the kinds of stories you read/watched/listened to each day; how much of the story did you “consume”? What were your sources (please provide URLs to online news sources)? How much time did you spend? On Sunday, read through the three posts; do you see patterns or themes? What have you learned about yourself?
    This assignment will result in four blog posts. Categorize them as “assignment.”
  2. Read: Cluetrain Manifesto home page (overview and 95 theses) and Chapter 2 of Journalism 2.0 (pdf). In a blog post (due by 8 am Monday) reflect on these two readings. How do the two readings relate to one another? What are the implications for news — from your perspective as a consumer and as a producer of information? This assignment will result in one blog post; categorize as “reading.”
  3. Watch your email for an invitation to subscribe to tutorials for the quarter. The tutorials are
    • Digital Audio Principles
    • iMovie HD 6 + iDVD 6 Essential Training
    • Photoshop CS4 for Photographers
    • Podcast + Videocast Essential Training
    • 2.7 Essential Training

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One Response

  1. kegill says:

    Notes from class discussion about reading

    * Aesthetic differences affect tone
    * 1st was traditional op-ed (no stats/sources/evidenced – published books are listed ); 2nd had facts/links/well-cited – easier read, more connectable to audience; 3rd corporate angle, biz style; 4th “newsy”
    * Voice and ease of reading
    * Bullet points and subheads make things easier to read


    * Not only create story for medium but think search engine/SEO
    * Layout needs to be user-friendly
    * News isn’t separate from other industries in society – profit-driven industry
    * Traditional print business model is broken
    * Competition is important; the internet provides a new form of competition
    * Experiments are important – get to know readers, get to know video
    * Future journalists need to understand importance of trust on a personal level
    * Be proactive rather than reactive
    * Better communication with advertisers – sales management
    * Newspapers partially responsible for dumbing down the public, international news given as an example
    * Supplier relationship has given the customer more power and

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