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COM466 – University of Washington

Working with Twitter– Reisha’s Final Video Project

Here is my final video project. I interviewed David Yusen, director of Public Relations for Heavy Resturaunt Group– the umbrella company of Barrio and Purple Wine Bar and Cafe. We talked about his Twitter use at work. In the video, he speaks about how the program has been useful in marketing Barrio, as it is the companies most recent concept. I chose this topic because I previously interviewed him for the COM 466 audio project and thought it may be interesting to understand Twitter in the working world. 

While David sat at his desk, I was able to shoot footage from different angles and closeness– I captured several close ups of his hands typing on the computer, a medium close up of him sitting on a computer chair, a shot behind the shoulder at the computer screen, some face up close ups, etc. Some footage includes him speaking about his daily Twitter usage, and other shots are simply of David working at his desk and on his computer. 

My goals were pretty basic, as the interview was really my first experience with video. I used personal Flip camera. I wanted to learn to efficiently edit the footage I captured, and I succeeded in only a basic understanding thus far. I definitely need to learn to keep a stable hand; looking back at my footage I should have rested my arm on something to prevent the shaking. Another problem I ran into– David always wanted to look at the camera, even when I told him not to. It will probably just take some practice to become comfortable behind the camera. 

To follow the Heavy Restaurant Group on Twitter: click here

To view the Heavy Restaurant Group website: click here

To view David’s Facebook: click here


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