Digital Journalism

COM466 – University of Washington

Student Reflections on Twitter

The assignment: Students will use Twitter as news gathering, monitoring tool throughout the quarter. Includes final 600-800 word essay on Twitter experience. What did you learn? What do you think of the future of Twitter as a tool for journalists? For citizens? For news organizations? Give evidence for your opinion. Post to your course blog.

Here are those posts:

  1. Adam – The emerging world of Twitter and what it means for journalists
  2. Andrew – Twitter experience assessment
  3. Jeff – The New York Twitter? Yes and No
  4. Michelle – My Twitter Experience: Transition to A More Authentic User
  5. Paul – Why I’m addicted to Twitter
  6. Ryan – Twitter Essay
  7. Sarah – Twitter Experience
  8. Scott – Thoughts On Twitter

Coming (late by permission): Gwen, Reisha


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4 Responses

  1. […] class at Stan­ford. It was this class that ins­pi­red me to fully inte­grate Twit­ter into my Spring 2009 Digi­tal Jour­na­lism class. That class, in turn, ins­pi­red our sum­mer offe­ring in the UW Mas­ter of […]

  2. […] 12. Twitter. A form of social networking is provided by Twitter at , which enables participates to write short messages of no more than 140 characters that are posted online and may be sent or received on smart phones. Digital journalism students’ reactions to using Twitter are posted here: […]

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