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COM466 – University of Washington

Adam Eucker’s Video Project Final Cut

You can find the final cut of my video project here. It is about a UW student named Casey Heffernan, who recently served as a translator in Ecuador for a medical team performing free surgeries for children with life threatening conditions.


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5 Responses

  1. sew28 says:

    Nice video! Nice transitions and good sound! Very interesting — Your friend will do well in life.

  2. snordq says:

    Great clear audio. The blend of video and photos sets a good pace for the video and mixes the focus between your friend and what he worked on.

  3. pandrewh says:

    Good audio. Kudos on using video and still images.

  4. reishafortun says:

    Great topic choice. Clear sound, nice variety of images and video.

  5. ryanboulanger says:

    Good story. Clear audio and great use of still images

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