Digital Journalism

COM466 – University of Washington

Week 7 – Monday

Network TV News, Meet YouTube


  • Assignment: Twitter Follows
  • Final Thoughts: Infographics
  • This week: “video” news
  • Guest speaker: Leif Utne
  • Assignment for Wednesday
  • Feedback on audio/photos in your mailbox after class

Assignment: Twitter Follows

  • Here’s the list!
  • #FollowFriday [retweet these five this Friday]
  • For next week … five new (unique!) people/organizations … tell us why so that we might follow them, too

Final Thoughts: Infographics



This week: “video” news

Lecture notes

  • The five-shot rule (watch BBC video)
  • Do’s and Don’ts
    1. Avoid panning (moving the camera horizontally, side-to-side)
    2. Avoid tilting (moving the camera vertically, up-and-down)
    3. Avoid zoomimg
    4. Do use the “Record Off” button to “edit” on the spot

Your “stories”

In groups of 2-3:

  • Pick one of the above clips
  • Watch it, identify the emotion (is it a “story” or a “report”?)
  • Watch it, looking for these elements (from Mindy McAdams)
  1. An extreme close-up (detail) of action (movement)
  2. Close-up of the face of the person doing the action
  3. Medium shot, face and action together
  4. Over-the-shoulder view of the action (gives viewer the point of view of the person doing the action)
  5. Another (different) angle

Guest speaker: Leif Utne

“social media evangelist. VP Community Development at


Assignment for Wednesday


  • Make sure all blog posts are categorized … that means no “uncategorized” or “1” posts!
  • Edit the “about” page – provide some bio information!
  • Enable comments w/out moderation:
    Dashboard -> Settings -> Discussion
    Enable: Users must be registered and logged in to comment
    Disable: An administrator must always approve the comment

Video (1):

Video (2):



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