Digital Journalism

COM466 – University of Washington

Week 7 – Twitter “Follows”

This is the first of four assignments related to identifying people or organizations to “follow” on Twitter. For the Monday of weeks 7-10, students will write a blog post with five new “follows” and the rationale. The purpose of the assignment is to encourage students to explore the Twitter space and to share that experience.

1. Adam

2. Andrew

  • @HuckleberryHart. This is my “personal” Twitter account.
  • @broader. Social media agency for action sports brands.
  • @gsmiller. Photograper/friend.
  • @brookegeery. Action sports lifestyle journalist, friend, Portland dweller.
  • @coudal. Design/creative firm from Chicago. Love these guys.

3. Gwen

4. Jeff

5. Michelle (no post)

6. Paul

7. Reisha (no post)

8. Ryan

  • AndreaWeiss: she’s a community blogger (Shoreline) for the Seattle PI.  I haven’t followed her for long but I’m hoping it’ll give me a look into hyperlocal journalism via Twitter.
  • theclassiccrime: a band in Seattle that tweets their fans often.  I interviewed their lead vocalist for my last audio story.  Good music and good guys.
  • seattlecourant: editor of, Keith Vance, maintains the page.  He mostly updates with news stories about Seattle’s city council and school districts.  As the editor/owner of an online news source, I like that he isn’t afraid to provide links to other news sources.
  • azizansari: a comedian that’s on the TV show “Parks and Recreation” and formerly “Human Giant.”  If I need a laugh, then his updates will usually make it happen.
  • paulpierce34: my favorite basketball player.  It’s interesting to see what he has to say when he’s off the court.

9. Sarah

  • HarrisJ – Jacob is a senior software architect and Twitter fan at the New York Times.  He contributes frequently to the New York Times open blog about the work he does as a software architect and its affects on digital journalism.
  • Sarahintampa – Sarah is a blogger for Read Write Web (RWW) and Microsoft’s Channel 10.  She maintains a blog about her passion with technology, the good and the problematic.  Sarah has been quoted by several popular sources about technology and has been an I.T. TECH up until 2008 when she went full-time as a blogger for the previously mentioned companies.
  • mfriesen – Mark writes for NewsDesigner, a weblog about newspaper design.  Basically this company takes the front page of newspapers around the globe and analyzes the content they chose, the pictures they published, the ads included and even some logistical work that’s obviously not mentioned but happens behind the scenes.
  • joshfarley – Josh Farley is a journalist for my hometown newspaper The Kitsap Sun.  His profile says he writes about facts, figures and social trends.  Following his tweets, he usually posts breaking news covered by the Sun.
  • islandreporter – Tristan Baurick writes for The Kitsap Sun covering Bainbridge Island.  He facilitates discussion with this close-knit community using the latest in journalist tools like Twitter and a blog called  ”Bainbridge Conversation.”

10. Scott

  • paulbradshaw – As an online journalism and web design professor at Birmingham City University, he’s a great resource for tech news and trends
  • jackschofield – As the computer editor of the Guardian he is up to date on a lot of technology issues and also a photo buff.
  • toadmeister – His bio says it all “Soon-to-be Old Media casualty struggling to appear digitally with-it.”
  • earleyedition – He’s an Aussie who stays up to date on important trends in digital media and social networking.
  • ryansholin – He’s the new Director of News Innovation at Publish2 and works with journalists to give them all the tools they need to utilize web technologies.

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