Digital Journalism

COM466 – University of Washington

Week 6 – Wednesday


  • Infographics
  • Selecting Images
  • Producing show with Soundslides


Selecting Images

  • In pairs, look at one another’s Red Square photos in Photoshop (lab computers)
  • Pick 10-15 photos that tell a story
  • Quick crops! Don’t bother with resizing.

Soundslides Demo/Production (pdf)

  • At the end of the lab, I want everyone’s Soundslides project file to be uploaded to the web. If you don’t have time to upload, then your project MUST be copied onto my thumb drive. It is your responsibility to give me your files.
  • Sound file for proof-of-concept slideshow (download)
  • The most important part of this exercise is to (1) demonstrate your photographic “eye” and (2) demonstrate a basic understanding of Soundslides.

How to publish your slideshow on the UW Dante server using FTP

You must activate web publishing! See the PDF tutorial for how to access, use SecureFTP in CMU302 lab. For this project:

  • Your web server is
  • In the “right” pane of the SFTP window, navigate to your public_html directory; create a new folder named com466 (lower case).
  • In the “left” pane of the SFTP window, navigate to the STUDENT FILES directory and find your “red square” project folder. Drag-and-drop the “Publish_to_web” folder onto the com466 folder in the right pane.
  • Rename “publish_to_web” “red_square” (note case and lack of spaces)

The link to your soundslides proof-of-concept project should be:

For Monday:

  • Read: Ch 9 & 10 of Journalism 2.0, The problem with award-winning video journalism,
  • Find three examples of web video news stories that you think are exemplary. Write a blog post that links to each example and explains your reasoning. Use the readings to support your arguments.
  • Twitter assignment (follows, tweets)

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8 Responses

  1. pc britz says:

    Wordless Pancake recipe – Infographics nice and simple!

  2. snordq says:

    We liked this example from Visions UK about the contents of your daily mail. It’s visually appealing and easy to understand. All of the symbols are very intuitive and help show the relationship between the data much better than numbers alone. The combination of figures and data give a quick overview as well as detailed information.

  3. pandrewh says:

    Andrew and Sarah’s exemplary infographic:

    The Best Beer in America, by Rick Lyke. (link

  4. adameucker says:

    Reisha and I thought that the graphic from the New York Times on the swine flu outbreak was the best infographic that we came across. It does a good job giving information on numbers of people affected in certain areas and gives a day by day view of the crisis.

  5. pandrewh says:

    Wow. The Rob Montgomery piece is brilliant. In fact, his whole blog is great. Thanks for the resource Kathy!

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