Digital Journalism

COM466 – University of Washington

Week 5 – Wednesday

  • Making Those MP3s Playable In Your Blog
  • Thinking About Photojournalism
  • Group Project

(1) Free hosting services for MP3s

(2) How to upload audio to WordPress; how to embed the file (WP How-To)

  • Cross-post your blog post to this site (copy&paste, categorize “Student Projects” – see Reisha’s post)
  • Upload your MP3
  • Embed in the post

(3) Thinking about photojournalism (next assignment – Wed 6 May is when 75 pix are due in class)

  • Take lots of pictures!
  • Remember your pen/pencil and paper
  • Plan your shoot
  • Get close
  • Shoot in the best light possible
  • Equipment (when shooting for the web) doesn’t matter _that_ much
  • Be creative!

(4) Read/Resources

How to Activate Web Publishing on Your UW Account

  1. Manage Your UW NetID Resources. (login with your UW Net ID)
  2. Select Turn services on or off from the left navigation menu.
  3. Under “Services that are off”, check Turn on next to “Web Publishing” and “Dante Account”.
  4. Click Continue and follow the instructions in the next pages. Your account’s Web publishing will subsequently be enabled.

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3 Responses

  1. pandrewh says:

    As discussed by Sarah, Adam, and Andrew.

    We were particularly interested in:
    -An interview with the creator of the West Seattle Blog, discussing the viability of independent niche web reporting.
    -The potential for social networks as a resource for news reporting.
    -Case studies of advertising on news websites. Successes, failures, different models, future?

  2. snordq says:

    As a group we were interested in pursuing
    -examples of hyperlocal reporting (West Seattle Blog, Ballard)
    -how hyperlocal sites and blogs can be combined w/ biz models like
    -potential expansion of or similar models
    -how one journalist can cover a story using variety of tools (jack-of-all-trades)

  3. pc britz says:

    On MP3 Upload:
    The “free audio converter” they offer messes up the audio files by putting a layer of self-ads onto your audio unless you buy the full version!
    -> don’t use it!

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