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COM466 – University of Washington

Thoughts About Final Project

We were thinking that the clip about population growth we saw at the begining of the quarter was interesting, and maybe we could so something along those lines. However, we haven’t been trained. But we were then thinking, we now have expirience with audio, and next week we’ll have exprience with photos — so, maybe we could create a soundslide. Maybe one narrator, and two or more interviewees. About particular subject: Community newspapers, perhaps? Final thought: Each of us could interview a different source in a different form of mass media, and then we could combine our interviews into a soundslide.


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  1. pandrewh says:

    Great idea Gwen. I like the multimedia approach…However, I am afraid that our topic is too broad. I am a strong believer of selecting a specific and interesting subject, instead of trying to address broad areas.

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