Digital Journalism

COM466 – University of Washington

Ryan Boulanger: Audio Story

a) My audio story gives emerging bands advice on how to use the Internet to get signed onto a record label. For this story, I interviewed Matt MacDonald – lead vocalist for The Classic Crime – to get feedback from someone that successfully used these techniques.

The main goal I had for this story was to inform newer bands of the many tools they can use to build their fan base and get signed. Setting up an interview with MacDonald was surprisingly easy but fitting his advice, along with my narrations, within a three minute time frame was difficult.  I wanted to include a short clip of the band’s music but I couldn’t fit it within the time frame and integrating it into the story wasn’t easy.

b) In the time I was given, I feel that I did a good job meeting this goal. I had some really good quotes about the band’s use of Twitter that I wanted to include but that part of the clip was damaged by cell interference. If I could redo this assignment, I’d want to set up another interview to ask more questions that came to mind when constructing the story.

[ file size: 3.06mb/3min. 20sec./download ]


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