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Pi Kappa Phi Softball a Big Hit in IMA

The story of the Raiders softball team is meant to be a reflection of how far the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity has come this season in intramural softball and their hopes and expectations for the future. The story explains in the beginning how although most softball teams are reoccuring from previous years and usually have a group of pre-committed players, Pi Kappa Phi’s team this year was created “on the spot” right before their first game. The significance is then explained, how although it started out as a random group of guys who would seem unlikely to win many games, turned into a solid team after their first game and has now moved on to go 4-0 so far in the regular season. The story includes natural sound from an actual softball game, as well as interviews from three of the team’s players- Jack Lansford, Trey Coyle, and Wes Drilias.

My hopes for the story is that it would create a sense that this was a team that most people would consider lax, unorganized, and very unlikely to win any games, but at the same time developed a strong brotherhood within itself and managed to overcome the odds. It is a special interest story that I hope will instill in peoples minds both a positive outlook on IMA sports as well as a positive outlook on the greek system. The story reiterates that this is not just a softball team; this is a brotherhood, a tightly-knit group of friends who like to spend their Tuesday afternoons playing softball. And the best part about it is that they are actually good. Hopefully it will show people that being in a fraternity is more than just partying, and that there are some real positive things that can come out of joining one.

I had a few major complications while doing the story. The first was simply finding quiet rooms to conduct interviews in. Even when I found a completely quiet room to do an interview, there was still a lot of noise going on outside of the room, something to which I was surprised about considering that I live in a house with ninety other guys. If I could do it again, I would probably conduct my interviews outside of my house somewhere that I knew for sure would be completely quiet. Yet, at the same time, it would probably be hard to get my interviewees to go somewhere else to do an interview with me. I am glad there weren’t too many disruptions in this area and the interviews actually turned out pretty well in my mind.

Another hard part was getting good natural sound; especially at a softball game. I was hoping to capture the excitement and enthusiasm of the team when a big play or hit was made, which was hard for 2 reasons. The first was simply that I didn’t know when a big play would happen, let alone if a big play would even happen during the game, and the second was that there was a lot of quiet time in between plays. I was luckily able to capture a couple really good moments where the whole team was cheering on players as the rounded the bases, and in my mind picked up some pretty good natural sound. This is something that I don’t really know how I would do differently the next time, but I would just hope that if I was to do something like this again that I would be fortunate enough to get some exciting moments that could add some real color to the story.

Softball Audio Story: 2.72 mb; 2 min 59 sec ; download


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