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COM466 – University of Washington

Matt Fast: “November 4th was the Happiest Day of My Life”

My story features a man from West Seattle who was extremely into the past presidential election. The piece begins with the overall concept of how many middle-class Americans all around the country were excited about the prospect of Obama winning, as he induced optimism, hope and change for the country. The story intricately describes how the subject, Matt Fast, was completely enthralled with the election November 4th. How he glued himself to his TV for the whole 15 or so hours of the election, totally entranced. It describes how Fast handed out campeign literature to his community, created bumper-stickers, and wore “Barack Obama Mama” tee-shirts.

This piece does get into Fast’s thoughts a little — letting the audience know how he felt towards Regan, W. and Republican ideology as a whole. It describes his wife, a very colorful character who was is extremely devoted to her husband. The piece then ends with Obama winning the election and Fast guzzling down bottles of champaigne. The election, overall, the piece editorilizes, was a very historic and momentous time for all of America

I met my goals well, in creating a story that was both entertaining and informative. I learned a ton — everything from recording audio, to downloading it to my computer, to editing it in Audacity, to transforming the file via Zamzar to delivering the piece by way of My computer skills went way up. It was a little frustrating dealing with all the technology however, as I didn’t feel like we had any prior training and were pretty much left to our own devices. It took me hours to figure out what I was doing. Overall though, it was challenging and stimulating, and I had fun!

If I were to redo this project, I may add in some background music or sound. I’m not exactly sure what type of sound that would be, but it would broaden my skills even further if I were to figure out how I could tastefully and tactfully add in some soothing or relevent sounds or music.

Audio Story; File Size, 4.33 MB; Time: 4:03 Download


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