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COM466 – University of Washington

Adam Eucker: A glimpse into the life of a fraternity gardener

For the audio story assignment, I originally did my story on a member of my fraternity, Adam Garrison, who was recently appointed house gardener.  As one might imagine, the plants outside of the frat have historically not been taken care of, and most were in terrible shape or dead at the end of winter.  Some parents volunteered to plant new plants outside of the house at the beginning of spring, and Garrison has pledged to make sure their efforts do not go to waste.  In the audio story, Garrison describes his initial interest in gardening, having to balance school work with his gardening responsibilities, and the unique challenges of taking care of plants at a frat.  He hopes that through his hard work, he can encourage future residents of the house to take pride in its appearance.

In terms of reporting challenges that I faced with this project, it was difficult to find time to ask Garrison some questions.  When I originally did the interview, he was not available to do the interview.  Since I was working with a deadline, one of my friends familiar with Garrison’s work filled in, but he could not offer the same level of expertise as Garrison, which detracted from the story.  If I had a chance to redo the assignment I would work on getting more ambient noise into the project.  I tried to get the sound of a hose spraying the ground, but I think that the sound is difficult to identify.  Other than that I would redo a few of the recordings of myself.  Some sentences could have been more succinct and recorded cleaner.  In doing this project I learned that properly telling the story is extremely important, and I also got some good experience with editing audio.  Overall, I am pleased with the improved quality of this story versus the first version I did.

Audio Story: File Size 2.95 MB; Time 0:03:12; Download


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