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COM466 – University of Washington

My first experience with audio recording and editing

The audio story I completed features David Yusen, director of public relations for Heavy Restaurant Group, the parent company of Purple Wine Bar and Cafe and Barrio. The story covers the opening of Barrio and a few challenges Yusen and the restaurant faced.

I thought it would be an interesting story with great photography potential, as I have been in the restaurant and love the decor. Since I have little experience with audio work, I tried to keep it simple, similar to a basic question/answer format. My main goal was to record clear and understandable sound, learn to edit clips, and convert the product to a more manageable MP3 file (both for easy sharing and easy opening).

I learned a few things from my first experience with audio. First, it is important to find a consistent level of sound, in an area with natural noise in the background. Some clips sound louder than others. Also, my piece could use a little more ambient sound, as my recorder did not pick up much. Next, I would not choose to use Audacity again. It caused several problems. Finally, I would not write a script for my narration. I did not realize that it would sound as if I was reading out loud. It would probably be best to only have notes written down, so that it sounds more natural and not read.

Audio Story: File Size, 1.6MB; Time, 0:1:43 ; Download



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